Operations Support

A partnership with Bluewave means more than just effective, budget-friendly technology solutions. After we identify and negotiate the best cloud, network, and communications solutions for you, we continue to support your ongoing operations with your best interest in mind.

Manage and Grow

Acting as a functional layer between your team and the underlying providers, Bluewave becomes an ancillary arm of your existing support infrastructure. Regardless of which service providers are being used, we are the primary liaison for IT support, helpdesk, security, recovery, and more.

Provisioning Project Management

Free up vital resources by relying on the Bluewave team to manage the execution of your contracts and solutions. Our team expertly project manages your technology service provisioning every step in the process. You will be assigned a provisioning expert with direct relationships with the service providers.

Focus on What Matters Most

  • Spend less time managing service providers, so you can reach new goals and move the needle farther for your business

Increased Support Availability

  • Get help when you need it, across time zones and during non-peak hours
  • Single-vendor, multi-vendor, and turnkey support
  • Weekly/semi-weekly tracking calls
  • Regularly updated tracking tools
  • Third-party service provider management (if necessary)
  • Turn-up bridge setups
  • Wiring and site requirement management

Inventory Management

Empower your organization to understand, automate, and control all your telecom and IT contracts, assets, and usage. When it comes to inventory management, we are meticulous and pride ourselves on organization.

Access Everything in One Place

  • We do the heavy lifting of scouring contracts, invoices, and service provider portals to centralize of all your technology in our inventory database
  • One easy-to-use web portal gives you immediate transparency into your entire technology architecture, including devices, seats, ports, circuits, and DIDs by cost center, location, and individual owner

Enabling Reconciliation & Service

  • With all assets and inventory in one centralized database, we can help you with Technology Expense Management as well as service management of billing and service issues

Service Provider Escalation

When the time comes to escalate a ticket or case with a service provider, Bluewave does the heavy lifting for you.

    Faster Issue Resolution

    • Easy-to-use ticketing process for both service- and billing-related issues
    • We have direct relationships with the service providers account management and billing support
    • Any service interruptions become top priorities for our team, maximizing our service provider contacts to escalate and reduce downtime

    Provider Performance Reporting

    • We’ll show you which providers are delivering on their SLAs and which have room for improvement

    Moves, Adds, Changes, Disconnects (MACD)

    With Bluewave in your corner, you never have to worry about how you’ll adapt to ever-changing operating environments.

    Grow Boldly

    • As your technology needs change—from opening new locations to hiring more remote employees—we will develop scaling strategies for seamless transitions
    • We will make recommendations for consolidation or expansion of services based on utilization of existing contracts

    Stay Current & Compliant

    • No matter what the future holds, our team will continually optimize your investments in equipment, software, and services

    Get the confidence that comes with knowing you’re getting exactly what your business needs to succeed.


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