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How Does the Bluewave Process Benefit Your Business?

If you need help sifting through the numerous technology solutions that will enable you to drive results, then we are here to help. Our unique process ensures you get informed, unbiased advice without wasting time working with multiple parties.

Our Partners are Carefully Selected After Passing a Comprehensive Vetting Process

We review every partner’s solution to ensure they meet our stringent expectations on ease of use, implementation, training, customer support, features and price

We Will Guide you Through the Entire Purchasing Process

Pick and choose the steps of the process that are relevant to your project

Discovery Phase

Develop requirements · Provide RFP templates · SME educational conversations

Initial Recommendations

Recommend partners based on initial requirements · Review client’s existing and preferred partners

Product Presentations

Engage appropriate partner sales representative · Coordinate and organize presentations

Partner Selection

Compare features/functionality/services · Evaluate fit based on experience, price, resources and other criteria

Proposal & Contract Negotiation

Negotiate and collect comparative vendor quotes or proposals · Assist in negotiating contract pricing, terms and conditions

Engage With Us to Experience Our Unique Approach

Our goal is to be a trusted resource for your technology needs

Project Review

Evaluate a specific product or service that you
would like to implement soon

Cost Audit

Conduct an extensive review of existing products/services to reduce costs or improve functionality/service

IT Roadmap

Review upcoming IT projects to identify which projects can benefit from our process

Ready for the Bluewave Process?

We are here to learn about your company’s needs


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