Technology Evaluation

Get a handle on your current use of the technology your business needs to thrive. Bluewave can help you identify areas where deficits, obsolescence, and overspending are causing inefficiencies throughout your enterprise.

Anticipate and Prepare

Are you using the right cloud, network, and business communication solutions at costs that are predictable and under control? Are there better ways of deploying technology solutions considering how your company has grown recently? The Bluewave team of technology lifecycle management experts and solution architects will assess your current solutions and contracts against your organization’s unique requirements.

Technology Assessments

Know where you stand today with a comprehensive technology assessment from Bluewave

Identify Your Current Challenges & Problems

  • Rely on our expertise in producing technical assessments of your telecom and communications infrastructure
  • Includes cost and utilization audits

Locate Opportunities for Improvement

  • We will show you where the most benefit can be gained with technology optimized for how your business operates

Cost Audits

Our team will conduct an extensive cost audit to help you understand the services you are getting and their associated costs. We will identify services that you shouldn’t be paying for and others that are no longer needed. This one step could trigger a large cost reduction and make a difference to your savings and bottom line.

Comprehensive Cost Audit

  • Complete inventory of all your invoices
  • Development of a comprehensive contract/service provider list
  • Consolidation of all telecom Customer Service Records (CSRs)
  • Creation of a database of devices, seats, lines, ports, trunks, and features


  • Custom recommendations for consolidation, correction, or elimination
  • Design recommendations for IT and network optimization


  • Eliminate unneeded services and pursue credits for contractual inconsistencies and errors

Get the confidence that comes with knowing you’re getting exactly what your business needs to succeed.


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