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Single source for technology purchasing & expense management

It can be expensive, time-consuming, and confusing to manage technology requirements, vet service providers, evaluate proposals, and measure the ongoing optimization of solutions. The Bluewave Technology Lifecycle Management Approach is a customer-centric method of evaluating, sourcing, managing, and supporting technology solutions that can include numerous providers from dozens of screened, vetted options. Experience the difference by partnering with Bluewave:

    Technology Evaluation, Assessments, and Cost Audits

    Strategic Sourcing and Contract Negotiations

    Telecom, Cloud, and Wireless Expense Management

    Operations Support, Provisioning, and Help Desk

    We enable your company to run efficiently and securely utilizing the best technology available while keeping you well ahead of the competition.

    There are literally thousands of technology vendors. Figuring out which one is right for your business can be daunting. Choose the wrong partner and you will end up paying more than you should and even worse, you could discover that their solution doesn’t work as promised. It can thwart even the best laid IT plans.

    Efficient Process

    We make technology buying easy by being your single point of contact throughout the entire process, from vetting and negotiating to purchasing and beyond.

    Strategic Advisor

    We have relationships with leading service providers. Our unbiased team of solutions architects specialize in network, cloud, security, and collaboration.

    Optimal Returns

    We have a proven approach for ensuring your IT investments are aligned with your business goals. We are constantly monitoring your technology solutions for opportunities to optimize.

    Key Benefits of our Approach

    Technology Expertise

    Our solutions architects leverage subject matter experts across cloud, network, security, and collaboration solutions to provide unparalleled advice for growing revenue, reducing costs, or improving efficiency.

    Breadth of Solutions

    We’ve built close relationships with the leading IT and Communications service providers across cloud, network, and security. Let us help you reduce friction between vendors while optimizing your outcomes.

    Rigorous Process

    Our rigorous process delivers a better way to evaluate, purchase, and optimize solutions. You will be able to compare technology options and gain approval quickly and efficiently.

    Buying Power

    The scale of our service provider relationships provides you with competitive pricing, terms, and service levels. Buying power combined with Bluewave expense management services is the secret sauce for reducing costs.


    • Working with Bluewave helped me do more with less resources. I was able to outsource much of the purchasing process for several projects to Bluewave which freed up my time to focus on higher value projects. Additionally, they were able to help negotiate favorable terms and conditions for us saving us money over going direct.

    • The communications market has changed dramatically, and we were not aware of the various options available in the market.  Bluewave stays abreast of advances in technology and bundles them into solutions to improve your business.  Our new phone system is up and running and we immediately started realizing tangible financial and operational benefits.  We’ll use them again for our next project without a doubt.

    • With so many different VOIP systems available, we knew that it would be time consuming and potentially costly to procure them on our own. This is where Bluewave really hit it out of the park. They carefully listened to our needs and provided several options along with references so that we could validate the vendor that was being recommended. They were also integral in not just the upfront signing of the contract, but also there for us after we started with the vendor to ensure that our needs were being met and that we were satisfied with the recommendation that they made.

    Ready to let Bluewave manage your technology sourcing needs? Try our no-pressure consultative approach.



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