The complexity of managing a remote and mobile workforce can be challenging in today’s climate. Bluewave works with you to select and manage the right plans, devices, and apps for your organization.


Mobility Overview

Mobilizing your business is about more than just giving people great devices and plans. It’s about making everything easy to manage and keeping costs under control while helping everyone stay connected and productive. Our suite of mobility solutions includes sourcing and procurement of devices and accessories, applications for devices, policies, users, and inventory, and expense optimization and management. The Bluewave Mobile assessment and expense management teams have extensive experience helping companies deploy and manage mobile solutions that enhance the effectiveness of their sales force, retail efforts, operational processes, and supply chain management.

Mobility Solutions

  • Assessment & Planning
  • Device Sourcing
  • Usage Reporting
  • Policy, Users & Inventory Management
  • Mobile Plan Options Comparisons
  • BYOD Planning
  • Lifecycle Management & Optimization

The Bluewave Approach to Mobility

We start our mobility planning by auditing your mobile device plans to identify plan changes, policy compliance, usage patterns, international roaming, abusive users, and other overall usage patterns. During this process, we often uncover substantial savings.

Once we have a baseline, we evaluate growth requirements and create a matrix of needs by each user type. Next, we will work with your carrier and other providers to negotiate an optimized solution. Optimization can typically be achieved without having to change carriers. We continuously manage inventory and expenses through our mobile expense management platform giving you access to reports on utilization, costs, device trends, and carrier billing accuracy.

Benefits include:

  • Ensure your mobile workforce has the wireless support they need when they need it
  • Support your mobile workforce while optimizing costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary features, services, and zero use devices
  • Avoid unexpected overages and big bills from excess usage

Large Non-Profit Saves Over $4,000 per Month After Audit

A large national non-profit assisting wounded veterans had roughly 1,000 mobile devices and was spending $11,000 per month for their mobile plans. Bluewave conducted a wireless expense audit to analyze the non-profit’s wireless data and plans resulting in monthly savings of over $4,000 per month.

Mobility Planning, Remote Workforce Consulting - Bluewave

Why Bluewave?

We help companies purchase and manage cloud, network, and communications technology in a better way. Our streamlined, customer-centric approach of evaluating, sourcing, managing, and supporting technology solutions simplifies the entire technology lifecycle across multiple service providers and partners.

We make technology buying easy by managing the entire process, from vetting to negotiating to purchasing.

Efficient Process

We monitor pricing, bills, usage, and SLAs, to ensure the return on your technology investments.

Optimal Returns

We have relationships with the leading service providers. Our impartial team of solutions architects specialize in network, cloud, security, and collaboration.

Strategic Advisor

Bluewave pulls back the curtain to reveal the value of every solution, without the bias, and ensure you get competitive pricing, terms, and service levels.

Transparent Partner

When you’re ready to optimize and save on your mobility solutions, you’re ready for Bluewave.

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