More than a telecom audit, Bluewave applies proven technology strategy consulting frameworks to complete an in-depth strategic review and technology assessment that informs an optimization recommendation. We conduct comprehensive assessments across technology, telecom, customer experience, security, and cloud, to understand your existing services and business goals, while delivering a detailed roadmap for management, implementation, and optimization. Whether you need visibility into what you have today or pursuing a full CX and CCaaS managed deployment, Bluewave can help ensure your business requirements are met and your business outcomes are realized.

technology assessment
technology assessment
technology assessment

Analyze and Discover

At Bluewave, we firmly believe that you can’t know where to go in your digital transformation if you don’t know where you are. Which is exactly why we recommend you start with an assessment. Technology assessment is a process of evaluating the technical and economic impacts of the technology solutions that enterprises use today. Bluewave provides decision makers with valuable information that will help them make informed choices about the adoption of better solutions and processes to optimize their customer experience, security, and network.

Technology assessments can involve a wide range of methods, including gap analysis, expert surveys, stakeholder consultations, case studies, modeling, journey mapping, performance analysis, and more. The assessment can also focus on different stages of the technology lifecycle, from sourcing to billing to implementation.

Bluewave Assessment has four practice areas including Baseline, CX, Cloud, and Security.

technology assessment
technology assessment
technology assessment

Baseline Assessments

Know where you stand today with a comprehensive technology assessment from Bluewave. With our Baseline Assessment, we take a holistic approach to understanding your existing telecom and technology services while delivering an average 12.4x ROI. Once complete, you’ll have a detailed summary of findings and the visibility you need to streamline expenses and management going forward.

Unparalleled Visibility Backed by a 2X ROI

  • Complete Cost & Services Inventory (circuits, seats, ports)
  • Contract Analysis
  • Pinpoint Errors, Obsolescence, Overspend
  • Comprehensive Summary of Findings Report
  • Action Plan for Realizing Savings
  • Clean Start for Transformation Roadmap
CX Assessments
CX Assessments
CX Assessments

CX Assessment

As a proven trusted advisor for contact center solutioning and sourcing, Bluewave recognized our clients’ needs were much wider and deeper than just these services. Bluewave has grown to meet our clients’ contact center, CX, and CCaaS demands. Our team of contact center consulting advisors enables Bluewave to offer new levels of inspection, design, and implementation support, regardless of platform, for our client’s environments.

Effortless CX with Quantifiable ROI

  • Contact center design, implementation, and management
  • Customer Experience stress testing, modeling, customer effort testing, and optimization
  • High availability and resiliency planning for both technology and staffing
  • Operational inspection of end user and management effectiveness
  • Application evaluation, AI self-service, custom app development, and API integration
  • KPI and ROI Benchmarking
  • Future State and Optimization Roadmap
technology assessment
Analyze - Cybersecurity Assessments
Cybersecurity Assessments

Cybersecurity Assessment

Security assessments are crucial for ensuring the safety and protection of businesses, organizations, and individuals against various security threats. The Bluewave Security assessments involve a thorough evaluation of the security measures and practices in place, as well as identifying potential vulnerabilities and risks that could compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and assets. By conducting regular security assessments, organizations can stay ahead of potential security breaches and implement effective countermeasures to mitigate and prevent security incidents. In this way, security assessments play a vital role in maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment for enterprise business operations.

Cybersecurity Strategy

  • Vulnerability, Gap Assessments
  • NIST & CIS Alignments
  • Compliance Assessments and Attestations
  • Threat Recon – Tabletop Exercises
  • Vendor Management Risk Assessment
  • Cyber Risk Report
  • Cyber Defense Matrix Plan

Get in touch with our team today, and we’ll show you exactly how an assessment can better align your technology needs with your broader business goals.