At Bluewave, we conduct exhaustive analyses covering finance, operations, and tech’s impact on customer experience. Our CX experts address all facets of contact center operations, offering solutions for improvement and implementing innovative strategies to boost performance. We provide holistic CX solutions, delivering evidence-backed insights to guide your decisions.

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Analyze and Discover

The goal of a Bluewave CX Assessment is to identify areas where the customer experience can be improved, such as reducing customer wait times, streamlining customer service workflows, and improving the overall customer journey. The CX Assessment engagement involves gathering feedback, analyzing customer data, and evaluating the company’s contact center, customer service, and support processes.

The CX Assessment will help companies develop strategies to improve customer satisfaction, create a positive image and brand, improve agent interactions, and provide robust analytics, all which can lead to increased revenue and growth.

Effortless CX with Quantifiable ROI

Our comprehensive analysis leaves no stone unturned, ensuring that our clients receive a thorough examination of their finance, operations, and technology impacts on customer experience. At Bluewave, we understand the importance of addressing every aspect of a contact center operation, from people and culture challenges to technology stack enhancements.

Our team of CX experts is dedicated to identifying opportunities for improvement, as well as implementing innovative solutions that enhance overall performance. With Bluewave by your side, you can expect a holistic approach to solving CX challenges and improving outcomes. Our goal is to deliver facts, evidence, and insights to support your critical decision making.

CX Assessments
CX Assessments
CX Assessments

Solving Big Business Challenges

Consumer shifts to digital is creating a CX engagement capacity gap for contact centers. With ever-increasing consumer expectations and limited omnichannel platforms, enterprises are looking for an edge to create a frictionless customer experience. By enhancing workflows, getting rid of inefficiencies, connecting to ROI, and increasing engagement, enterprise companies can quickly close the gap by investing in a thoughtful CX assessment that turns insights into actions. What keeps you up at night?

  • How do I digitize?
  • Can I build an effective self-service operation?
  • How do I best solve labor shortages and inflation problems?
  • What are the root causes of customer issues?
  • How do I increase CSAT?
  • How do I help agents resolve issues quickly and correctly?

Key Components of a CX Assessment

As a proven trusted advisor for contact center solutioning and sourcing, Bluewave recognized our clients’ needs were much wider and deeper than just these services. Bluewave has grown to meet our clients’ contact center, CX, and CCaaS demands. Our team of contact center consulting advisors enables Bluewave to offer new levels of inspection, design, and implementation support, regardless of platform, for our clients’ environments.

  • Observation and Performance Analysis
  • Customer Effort and Loyalty Test
  • KPI and ROI Benchmarking
  • Maturity Assessment and Journey Map
  • Future State and Optimization Roadmap
  • AI Self-Service Strategic Plan
  • CCaaS/CX Marketplace Evaluation
  • Vendor Decision Analysis

From CX Assessment to Execution

Bluewave will help you assess where you are today and create a strategic roadmap with you, including a detailed assessment of your current contact center operation and tech stack. We will conduct stakeholder interviews, identify pain points and opportunities. Once we have a strategic roadmap in place, we will guide you through the strategic sourcing and implementation phases, including:

  • RFP Creation
  • Marketplace Screening and Down-selection
  • Process Governance
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Cost Modeling
  • Advocacy
From CX Assessment to Execution

Get in touch with our CX experts today, and we’ll show you exactly how a CX assessment can better align your customer experience and contact center needs with your broader business goals.