The Bluewave Approach
The Bluewave Approach
The Bluewave Approach
Assess, Advise, and Advocate

Our Assess, Advise, and Advocate Approach is Our Guiding Compass

Navigating the ever-evolving technology landscape can be a daunting task, one that requires careful consideration and an astute selection of vendors to meet your unique needs. The realm of technology, with its countless options and perpetual shifts, often leads to a sense of frustration and disorder. The abundance of quality information, an array of product choices, and the constant fluctuations in vendor account teams can create an overwhelming environment.

Enter our Assess, Advise, and Advocate approach — a compass that guides our team in crafting strategies and roadmaps, ensuring your technology decisions yield optimum returns. This approach isn’t just a framework backed by proven processes; it’s a mindset that defines us. We adhere to this philosophy not only for transformational projects but also for the continual management of services post successful implementations. The goal is to ensure that our clients truly realize the value of their technology investments.

Analyze and Discover

  • Current State Assessment
  • Goals & KPI Identification
  • Technical Requirements
  • Integration Requirements

Evaluate and Solutioning

  • Gap Analysis
  • Solution Recommendation
  • Vendor Demos
  • Vendor Scorecarding
  • Stakeholder Buy-in

Decide and Implement

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Implementation Support
  • Escalations
  • Measure & Optimize
  • Ongoing Roadmap Development

A proven approach to assess the state of your current technology portfolio, advise on recommendations, and advocate for your ongoing optimization.

The Bluewave Approach
Bluewave’s Approach Ensures Optimal Returns
The Bluewave Approach

Partnering with Bluewave means embracing a time-tested approach that will:

  • Scrutinize your current state
  • Unify stakeholders to co-determine targets, metrics, and interdependencies
  • Delve deeply into alternatives, leaving no stone unturned
  • Forge consensus around optimal solutions
  • Stand by your side, ensuring your decision is the right one
  • Champion your interests for effective implementation
  • Ongoing measurement and assessment of your investment

Bluewave clients gain a strategic edge through their technology selections. This translates into streamlined resource allocation, accelerated time-to-market, operational efficiency gains, risk mitigation, and, ultimately, heightened employee and customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits of Our Approach

Technology Expertise

Technology Expertise

Our advisory teams are subject matter experts across cloud, network, CX, and security technology to provide unparalleled advice on solutions to reduce costs and improve performance and efficiency.​

Advanced Process

Advanced Process

Our rigorous process delivers a better way to evaluate, purchase, and optimize solutions. You will be able to compare options and gain approval quickly and efficiently through data-driven recommendations.​​

Breadth of Service

Breadth of Service

We’ve built close relationships with the leading IT and Communications service providers across cloud, network, CX, and security. Let us help you find the right solutions to optimize your outcomes.​​

Buying Power

Buying Power

The scale of our service provider relationships provides you with competitive pricing, terms, and service levels. Buying power combined with ongoing optimization services is the secret sauce for maximizing returns​

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