Cloud assessments ensure visibility, analytics-driven resource allocation, and best practices. Given the immense waste in cloud costs, financial control is pivotal. Bluewave will help you analyze usage trends and costs for efficient resource allocation in multi-cloud setups. Partnering with Bluewave guarantees informed decisions, optimizing cloud resources aligned with needs and budget for maximum value.

Cloud Assessments
Cloud Assessments
Cloud Assessments

Analyze and Discover

Cost containment has always been at the forefront of standard business practices, but changes in the economic landscape are driving companies across all verticals to prioritize cost saving initiatives, especially around cloud optimization.

Cloud optimization can reduce monthly costs, eliminate waste, and ensure smart usage, allowing better capacity forecasting, increasing visibility and planning.

Cloud Assessments
Cloud Assessments
Cloud Assessments

Optimize Your Cloud Without Compromising Your Growth

Cloud assessments and optimization are crucial aspects of managing your cloud resources efficiently and cost-effectively. It’s essential to have a comprehensive strategy in place to maximize the benefits of your cloud investments. Here are the key elements of cloud assessments and optimization:

  • Visibility: Achieving control over cloud starts with having clear visibility into your usage and expenditures. With easy-to-use dashboards, you gain a real-time, consolidated view of your multi-cloud environment. This transparency allows you to track precisely what’s driving your costs. Having a single dashboard simplifies decision-making, enabling you to identify and address cost drivers effectively.
  • Analytics: To optimize your cloud resources for cost-efficiency, you must leverage past usage metrics and data analytics. Understanding consumption trends across your cloud environment is pivotal for managing costs. With this insight, you can right-size your infrastructure and allocate resources where they are needed most, preventing unnecessary spending and optimizing your budget.
  • Best Practices: Cloud optimization is an ongoing process, and it’s crucial to have the support of certified AWS and Azure engineers. Continual monitoring, evaluation, and regular recommendations from experts ensure that your cloud environment is aligned with best practices for cost optimization. Rightsizing, consolidation, or other strategic adjustments will keep expenses under control.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud assessments and optimization involve maintaining clear visibility, utilizing data analytics, and adhering to best practices. With cloud computing costs wasted, it’s imperative to have strategies for achieving financial control over your cloud infrastructure and ensuring that your cloud investments provide maximum value while minimizing unnecessary costs. With the guidance of certified engineers and comprehensive tools, you can make informed decisions and continuously optimize your cloud resources.

Bluewave partners with the leading providers of public, private, and hybrid cloud computing solutions. We work closely with you to assess your current services and how they align with your needs and budget. Bluewave can provide holistic management of your cloud solutions to ensure you buy and control what you need.

Control Cloud Spend

Eliminate unnecessary spending and strike a balance between cloud performance and spend.

Maximize ROI

Unite IT and business leaders with a single strategy that helps drive business results.

Optimize for Innovation

Untangle the complexity of modern IT and accelerate innovation while controlling costs.

Cloud assessment

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