Identify and prevent cyberattacks before they compromise your network and your business.

security solutions
security solutions
security solutions

Security Overview

Cloud, big data, and mobile solutions have become mission-critical to organizations of all sizes. The rapid adoption of quickly changing cloud solutions, combined with the speed and sophistication of attacks, are outpacing the abilities of IT security teams. With an evolving perimeter, firewalls alone cannot prevent attacks when breached and are ineffective against attacks from within. Now more than ever, your security solution must be a multi-layered approach.

Security Solutions

Organizations have become more dependent on technology, and as a result, they are more prone to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Whether due to human or system error, Juniper Research projects that data breaches will exceed $5 trillion by 2024. Increased threat exposure from mobile endpoints combined with an uptick in cybercrime have made it clear that organizations must do more to effectively manage risk. With access to a range of managed network and security solutions, Bluewave can keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to security.

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Threat Detection
  • Recovery & BCDR
  • Multi-Layered Security Protection Design
  • Incident Response
  • Compliance & Education
security solutions
security solutions
security solutions

The Bluewave Approach to Security

Bluewave understands your concerns around control, security, and compliance. Every day, we work with organizations of all sizes to design security solutions that address their business and regulatory needs, while leveraging the power of the cloud for a competitive edge. Now’s the time to adjust your security strategy — don’t wait before your perimeter defenses are no longer effective against cyberattacks. Let Bluewave and our managed service partners identify threats and vulnerabilities, minimize risk, and best support your data and business needs.

Benefits include:

  • Improve effectiveness of managing threats and vulnerabilities
  • Establish accountability with strategic management of security throughout your company
  • Ensure productivity with less system downtime from threats and attacks
  • Maintain compliance while embracing the agility of the cloud
security solutions

Why Bluewave?

We help companies purchase and manage cloud, network, and communications technology in a better way. Our streamlined, customer-centric approach of evaluating, sourcing, managing, and supporting technology solutions simplifies the entire technology lifecycle across multiple service providers and partners.

We make technology buying easy by managing the entire process, from vetting to negotiating to purchasing.

Efficient Process

We monitor pricing, bills, usage, and SLAs, to ensure the return on your technology investments.

Optimal Returns

We have relationships with the leading service providers. Our impartial team of solutions architects specialize in network, cloud, security, and collaboration.

Strategic Advisor

Bluewave pulls back the curtain to reveal the value of every solution, without the bias, and ensure you get competitive pricing, terms, and service levels.

Transparent Partner

When you’re ready to get the right security solution for your organization, you’re ready for Bluewave.

Get it right today and tomorrow. Get Bluewave.

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