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A leading, award-winning professional firm offering engineering, architectural, planning, environmental, and construction management services.


Client was under contract with an incumbent Telecom Expense Management (TEM) provider and was dissatisfied. Services were unaccounted for, cost coding was inaccurate, invoices were unpaid, and there were wireless issues that were taxing their customer service team.


Bluewave inventoried their existing lines, circuits, and usage to uncover connectivity at each site vs. what was actually needed. Each site needed a voice circuit and large internet bandwidth. Bluewave negotiated master agreements with CenturyLink for 10-20Mg Ethernet over fiber, a cable aggregator for backup data, and Windstream PRIs for voice. The new design included removing many POTS lines by porting them as DIDs to the PRIs, removing the data T1.5 circuits, and eliminating most miscellaneous carriers. 


The client was able to increase their internet bandwidth by more than 10 times, reduce their number of bills by 30%, and decrease their overall costs by 12%. In addition, when their CenturyLink fiber contract came up for renewal, Bluewave was able to get an increase to 100Mg per site without additional costs. 

Other Case Studies

Case Study – Healthcare

Case Study – Healthcare

A healthcare industry leader that operates 25 acute care and 194 behavioral care facilities in 37 states was looking to streamline their telecommunications billing.

Case Study – Hospitality

Case Study – Hospitality

A large travel, hotel, and restaurant conglomerate with over 420 travel agencies, 570 restaurants, 396 hotels, and close to $900K monthly spend, was looking for a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) provider who could provide clean monthly billing, accurate GL coding, and timely monthly bill processing.


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