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Lisa Guillaume | December 15, 2023

Navigating the Tech Landscape: A CMO’s Tale

As I reread the Telarus 2023 Tech Trends Report over the weekend, one insight resonated profoundly, emphasizing the indispensable role of Bluewave: “Customers wrestle with increasing complexity in assembling interoperable IT solutions. A technology-agnostic advisory is not a luxury but a necessity. Navigating the marketplace without a trusted advisor is like a Herculean task.”

We see it daily. Decision makers are strapped for the time, expertise, and resources required to evaluate, procure, and manage advanced IT solutions to meet productivity, customer experience, and growth demands. If you’re seeing it too, you may need a technology advisor.

The Struggle of Choice Overload

In the ever-expanding tech landscape, the paradox of Choice Overload Bias, or the more relatable “Netflix conundrum,” induces delays and stress. As a CMO, I intimately understand CXOs’ challenges in making pivotal technology decisions, particularly CIOs. One example, considering options for an ABM strategy, involved many demos, price comparisons, resource assessments, and success metric evaluations, and, still it was hard to determine which solution was the best for my specific situation. Multiply these activities across CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, SEO, Creative, and CMS platforms, and the complexity for a CMO becomes staggering—juggling demos, pricing negotiations, integrations, and attribution models is no small feat and quite stressful.

Key Insight from 2023 Telarus Tech Trends Report: IT leaders are seeing the most interest in Generative AI (ChatGPT, OpenAi, chatbots), non-generative AI (predictive modeling, analytics, automated ML), improved digital experiences, modern cybersecurity (zero trust, passwordless), and cloud modernization (building and managing apps and infrastructure in the cloud).

A Trusted Navigator in the Tech Wilderness

Imagine how a MarTech advisor—a conduit to best practices, hands-on integration wisdom, and solid vendor relationships in marketing—could be a staunch advocate for me and our fast-growing startup. Similarly for CIOs, the imperative for a guiding force is evident. Technology advisors, exemplified by Bluewave, bring expertise and a pragmatic approach to tackle intricate business challenges.

Bluewave isn’t merely a technology consultant; we are a strategic ally for the entire roadmap, ensuring optimal IT projects yield sustained results. Past encounters for me, such as a HubSpot implementation, underscore the critical need for continuity and reliability in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Our HubSpot implementation, note paid implementation, was a great experience with a firm that HubSpot outsourced the engagement to. Still, at the end of our tight three-month engagement, our partner was gone and ever since we have been on our own to navigate integrating new systems or features. A technology advisory firm, like Bluewave, is there for the life of the roadmap and works across the organization for optimal solutions and results.

Key Insight from 2023 Telarus Tech Trends Report: Nearly half of respondents plan to shift all legacy technologies to the cloud within 2-5 years to maximize the full benefits of cloud-native environments.

Navigating Tech Amidst Turmoil and Growth

Recent months witnessed unfortunate layoffs in UCaaS providers and Telecom Carriers, propelled by profit goals and a changing technology landscape.

Simultaneously, the tech ecosystem is a sprawl, with over 14,000 AI companies in the United States alone—an overwhelming scenario reminiscent of the height of the MarTech landscape’s 7,000+ companies.

Yet, amidst this complexity, the Telarus 2023 Tech Trends Report ushers in hope. Only 6% of IT leaders reported cost-cutting as a top concern, signaling a shift towards prioritizing IT modernization. But regardless of the CXO role—be it CIO, CISO, COO or CMO—universal challenges persist:

  • Talent and Expertise: The perpetual quest for skilled professionals.
  • Vendor Turnover: High turnover among partners, introducing an unsettling dynamic.
  • Stakeholder Appeal: The ongoing need to resonate with diverse stakeholders.
  • Organizational Changes: Mergers, acquisitions, and leadership shifts ushering in new systems and complexities.

    Key Insight from 2023 Telarus Tech Trends Report: The Telarus study revealed that digital innovation–the creation of new digital products, solutions, or business models that did not previously exist–is a primary driver behind large IT purchasing decisions. Investing in digital innovation is no longer just an exploratory endeavor; it aims to establish a robust foundation to support growth both now and in the future.

Why Bluewave Exists: Redefining Tech Partnership

Amid a tech landscape brimming with choices and evolving challenges, the traditional model of acquiring end-point solutions across numerous technology pillars and vendors has proven ineffective. Faced with indecision, broken projects, and outcomes falling short, a new paradigm has emerged. Standing at the crossroads of Cloud, Network, Security, CX, and AI solutions, Bluewave boasts a team of technical experts dedicated to harmonizing diverse solutions for varied business requirements.

Addressing universal struggles encountered by CXOs, this comprehensive advisory model navigates the intricate tech maze alongside you. It stands ready to break the cycle by overseeing the entire arc of an IT project collaborating closely with CIOs and IT teams.

This is not just about finding solutions; it’s about forging a holistic tech partnership, ensuring your technology decisions seamlessly align with strategic goals, and ushering in a future where success is a shared journey. When you’re ready to start the conversation, please reach out.

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