Industry: Retail Apparel

Bluewave Services:
Technology Assessment, Strategic Sourcing, Expense Management

Company Profile

The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. was seeking to strengthen their financial position by reducing costs across 62 stores. Bon-Ton wanted cost-cutting ideas that addressed their telecom spending and identify opportunities for savings.


We worked with Bon-Ton Stores to save money by eliminating lines that were no longer needed, converting PBX lines to POTS, reducing POTS line rate, and changing vendors to achieve better rates.


Bluewave documented all lines by location, then worked with Bon-Ton to consider if each line was needed and/or could be converted to more cost-effective POTS lines. Bluewave experts worked with Bon-Ton project managers to ensure lines migrated correctly, submitted disconnect orders, and ensured lines were dropped from billing. With Bluewave vendor management experts, this was achieved quickly and with minimal impact to the customer.


Based on 531 lines that were reviewed, Bluewave was able to save Bon-Ton Stores money by migrating more than half (377 lines) to a new vendor that was able to reduce the line rate by $1,677 per month. This has delivered a YTD savings of $8,598. Through collaboration with the client, Bluewave was able to identify 154 lines that were no longer needed. Disconnect requests were submitted to the carrier which resulted in another $10,369 per month in savings.

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