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Vintage Printing and Distribution has been providing marketing and print solutions for over 35 years. Vintage aims to help companies streamline processes and reduce costs associated with the distribution of marketing and print materials, document processing, and direct mail. With over 50 employees across Kentucky, reliable phone service is a requirement for smooth company communications.


Vintage was using an existing premise-based phone system (aka PBX) for many years without a support and maintenance contract. Knowing their existing system wouldn’t support their needs for much longer, Vintage reached out to Bluewave for help migrating to a cloud phone solution.

In addition to the outdated phone system, Vintage was overpaying for their existing MPLS service and wanted to explore lower cost network options. Shortly after selecting a cloud phone solution, Vintage began experiencing problems with their automated attendant. A service call uncovered that the main processor had failed and the system could not be rebooted.


Bluewave was able to leverage the relationship with the chosen cloud phone solution carrier to have new phones overnighted directly to Vintage’s locations. On the day of delivery, Bluewave employees installed the new cloud phone solution and onboarded Vintage’s team to the new system. The new system allowed all phones across three Vintage locations to be put on the same platform and enabled extension-to-extension dialing.

Bluewave also sourced a lower cost SD-WAN solution to replace the existing MPLS network. The SD-WAN service provides automatic failover, meaning that calls on the cloud phone solution can continue seamlessly should one of the internet connections fail.

“Bluewave not only assisted us in moving to a cloud-based phone solution, they also went above and beyond to help us through a very precarious situation. Their knowledge of available products and services is top-notch. I know that I can rely on their recommendations for our multi-location phone service needs.” — Kelli Brutscher, Vice President of Systems & Information Technology at Vintage Printing and Distribution


By consulting with Bluewave, Vintage Printing and Distribution reduced their telecom costs, improved their internet connectivity, and simplified employee communications across locations. They now also have peace of mind as they have access to ongoing system support and training at no additional cost through Bluewave.

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