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With 11 hospitals, multiple medical centers, and hundreds of practice locations, this regional healthcare system ensures comprehensive healthcare services are accessible to the community. With over 12,000 dedicated employees, their team works tirelessly to provide top-quality care and support to patients throughout the region.

Regional Healthcare System Optimizes Telecom and Moves to CCaaS
Regional Healthcare System Optimizes Telecom and Moves to CCaaS
Regional Healthcare System Optimizes Telecom and Moves to CCaaS
Regional Healthcare System Optimizes Telecom and Moves to CCaaS


The regional health system faced the critical task of assessing, inventorying, and sourcing telecom services, costs, and contracts for high-impact areas throughout its entire healthcare network. With a complex infrastructure and diverse communication platforms, the organization sought a solution to optimize their telecom services and reduce costs while maintaining seamless connectivity and collaboration.


Bluewave’s expertise in network optimization and communication platforms positioned them to deliver a comprehensive solution. Here is an overview of the process:

“Bluewave has been one of the most valuable resources our Healthcare organization has ever worked with. They have assisted the organization with Voice and Data Solutions, as well as Hosted and on-premise hardware initiatives. Not only have they assisted and implemented these solutions they have saved us over 4 MILLION Dollars in Telecom expenditures. In a world where Healthcare organizations continue to have budget constraints, Bluewave has been an integral part of creating savings to help us with our budgets.”


Bluewave’s comprehensive telecom optimization strategy yielded remarkable results for the regional health system:

Annual Savings

The implementation of Bluewave’s solutions resulted in over $4 million in annual savings for the regional health system. These significant cost reductions contributed to the organization’s financial sustainability and enhanced resource allocation for patient care.

Cost-Effective Phone System Replacement

By recommending an OPEX solution for the end-of-life Nortel Phone System, Bluewave helped the organization modernize its communication infrastructure without significant upfront costs.

Enhanced Connectivity and Quality

The migration to AT&T Wholesale Agreements and Lumen SIP improved connectivity and call quality, ensuring efficient communication across the healthcare network.

Telehealth Readiness

The procured hosted Cloud Voice Solution empowered the regional health system to provide seamless telehealth services during the pandemic. This enabled remote patient consultations, reducing the risk of virus transmission and ensuring continuity of care.

Billing Accuracy

By identifying overbilled circuits and discontinuing unnecessary services, Bluewave helped the regional health system ensure accurate billing and cost optimization.

Streamlined Fax Communication

The implementation of an efficient fax service solution streamlined administrative processes, improving workflow, and enhancing staff productivity.

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