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A Global Pet Food Manufacturer with customer support agents in over 30 countries was facing challenges with their existing contact center solutions. They approached Bluewave seeking support in sourcing and implementing a CCaaS + UCaaS solution that would facilitate collaboration among their international teams.

Global Pet Food Manufacturer Moved to CCaaS Improving Support and Analytics
Global Pet Food Manufacturer Moved to CCaaS Improving Support and Analytics
Global Pet Food Manufacturer Moved to CCaaS Improving Support and Analytics
Global Pet Food Manufacturer Moved to CCaaS Improving Support and Analytics


The client faced various challenges with their contact center operations. Their agents were using disparate solutions across different countries, resulting in operational inconsistencies and inefficiencies. Furthermore, the lack of integration with their Database of Record and Line of Business Applications led to redundant data entry and limited access to crucial customer information. Obtaining a holistic view of contact center performance was difficult due to inconsistent analytics data from different systems, hampering decision-making regarding profitability, staffing, and handle times.

The client also aimed to enhance the caller experience by providing personalized interactions tailored to their specific needs and preferences. However, inefficient call routing caused delays and suboptimal customer experiences, as the existing solutions were not seamlessly integrated with Salesforce. Additionally, the client lacked efficient trend analysis capabilities, hindering proactive management and the identification of emerging patterns.

Importantly, the client needed to ensure PCI compliance to protect sensitive customer information. Adhering to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) was crucial for their contact center solution.


Bluewave recommended a unified Cloud Contact Center + UCaaS solution with full compliance to replace the client’s disparate systems. This implementation standardized operations across 30+ countries, promoting collaboration and efficiency. Integration with the client’s Database of Record and Line of Business Applications eliminated redundant data entry and empowered agents with comprehensive customer information for better interactions. The centralized analytics provided a holistic view of contact center performance, facilitating data-driven decision-making for profitability, staffing, and handle times. Additionally, advanced features such as personalized greetings, intelligent routing, and recommendations ensured a tailored caller experience.


Upgraded and Integrated Platform

The client successfully upgraded their contact center platform to a cloud-based solution that integrated seamlessly with Salesforce. This integration allowed for redundancy in voice and data, ensuring uninterrupted service even during network disruptions. The implementation of UC capabilities also expanded communication channels, improving collaboration among global teams.

Cost Savings

The Cloud Contact Center solution enabled a 100% work-from-home setup, resulting in significant savings on real estate costs. The client no longer needed physical call centers, reducing expenses while maintaining operational efficiency.

Time and Efficiency Savings

The integration of the Cloud Contact Center solution with Salesforce resulted in a reduction of agent time spent on searching and entering key information captured in the CRM. Agents were better informed during interactions, leading to improved efficiency and reduced call handling times.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Access to centralized analytics empowered the client to make better decisions regarding profitability, staffing, and handle times. They gained valuable insights into contact center performance, enabling them to optimize operations and improve customer experiences.

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