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Bluewave Services: Strategic Sourcing

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Leading the way in global car rentals, this company offers convenient and reliable transportation solutions, empowering customers to explore the world with ease.


A global car rental provider was facing communication challenges across its branches and corporate offices. The company wanted to improve audio quality for unified communications at its branches, reduce toll charges for contact center to branch routing, and explore the financial benefits of migrating from a legacy premises-based solution to a cloud-based unified communications (UC) model. They needed guidance from Bluewave on the best practices, service level agreements (SLAs), cost analysis, and market insights to make informed decisions.


Bluewave provided comprehensive consulting services to address the car rental provider’s communication needs that addressed the following solutions:

  • Market Analysis: The consulting firm provided in-depth market analysis, including information on providers, cost models, and feature/functionality of different solutions.
  • Persona Alignment: Bluewave assisted the company in defining personas per business unit, ensuring that the UC requirements aligned with the desired feature and functionality.
  • Cloud Migration Roadmap: Bluewave presented the car rental provider with comprehensive recommendations and a roadmap for migrating both branch and corporate office communications from on-prem provider to a cloud-based solution.
  • Audio Quality Improvement: Bluewave advised the company on the necessary steps to ensure high audio quality for unified communications at their branches.
  • SLA Metrics and Support: They recommended SLA metrics for service affecting issues, as well as support and implementation activities to ensure smooth operations.
  • Toll Charge Reduction: Bluewave provided guidance on optimizing contact center to branch routing to significantly reduce toll charges.
  • Tax and Surcharge Analysis: The consulting team helped the company understand the differences in taxes and surcharges associated with different communication options under consideration.
  • UC Pilot: A pilot program was conducted to evaluate the cloud’s capability to meet or exceed the company’s current communication needs at the branch level.


By leveraging Bluewave’s expertise, the global car rental provider achieved significant results moving to a cloud-based CCaaS. The company achieved a 54% cost reduction in branch communication services, resulting in savings of $50 million over three years.

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