Company Profile

A prominent publicly traded regional bank boasting a vast network of over 50 branch locations. With nearly 3,000 dedicated employees, this financial institution plays a significant role in the regional financial landscape. Their extensive presence underscores their commitment to serving the community and meeting the diverse banking needs of their members. This substantial workforce and extensive branch network highlight the complexity and scale of their operations, making efficiency and excellence in customer service imperative for their continued success in the highly competitive banking sector.

Transforming Contact Center Operations for a Regional Bank
Transforming Contact Center Operations for a Regional Bank
Transforming Contact Center Operations for a Regional Bank
Transforming Contact Center Operations for a Regional Bank


The client grappled with multiple challenges within their contact center operations, especially supporting over 8,000 member interactions per month. Prioritizing an enhanced member experience was paramount for the bank, understanding that customer loyalty and retention depended on delivering exceptional service.

Additionally, the need to minimize the frustrating back-and-forth call transfers between branches and agents, which were adversely affecting both employees and members. There was a clear objective to elevate first call resolution rates, acknowledging its pivotal role in bolstering customer satisfaction. Improved quality assurance tools were also sought to facilitate more effective monitoring and evaluation of agent performance and improve training priorities.

With a vast landscape of CCaaS providers in the marketplace, the client wanted to ensure they chose a robust cloud-based solution that optimized their member experience, exceeded compliance requirements, and one that could meet their company’s growth objectives.

Our Approach

The bank decided to migrate to a more robust contact center platform to address these challenges. While they had initiated vendor vetting independently, they weren’t making significant progress. The client contacted Bluewave Technology Group (Bluewave), a trusted partner with a long-standing relationship with the bank. By becoming an extension of the bank’s team, Bluewave took swift control of the project and collaborated with the right stakeholders to identify customer experience goals and integration requirements. Bluewave managed the process by normalizing the jargon and developing solutions to meet the bank’s needs, including budget requirements.

Bluewave led the process to vet solution providers, and the client ultimately chose Talkdesk, a trusted enterprise-grade platform, because of the white-glove implementation model, promise to integrate phase one in 10 weeks, and the ability to integrate with existing systems such as the NCR secure email system.

“By far, the best implementation I’ve ever been through.”
– VP, Project Management


Through their partnership with Bluewave and the migration to the Talkdesk platform, the bank successfully addressed their contact center challenges and achieved significant improvements in efficiency, first call resolution rates, and overall customer satisfaction. With a commitment to continuous improvement, the bank is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of their employees, members, and stakeholders.

The seamless training, testing, and implementation of the Talkdesk cloud contact center platform brought about several positive outcomes:

Reduced Agent Handle Times

With better features and tools, agent handle times decreased significantly. This efficiency improvement allowed agents to handle more inquiries in less time, resulting in a streamlined operation.

Enhanced Quality Assurance

The bank now has access to live monitoring and better training tools through the Talkdesk platform. This enables supervisors to provide real-time feedback and support to agents, leading to improved performance.

Improved First Call Resolution

The bank witnessed a positive result in their first call resolution metric, reflecting their commitment to resolving member inquiries more effectively during the initial contact.

Knowledge Base for Representatives

New capabilities, including a knowledge base that empowers representatives with easy access to information, enabling them to respond to member queries more accurately and efficiently.

Satisfaction with the Platform

Rollout started with a proof of concept in the call center. The bank was so satisfied that the rollout has been expanded to over 160 seats in all of operations. The bank is handling over 9,000 calls and chats per month.

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