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Our client is a 70-year-old healthcare receivables management company with over 700 employees, three locations, and a nationwide client base. They partner with healthcare providers to provide self-pay receivables management services all while ensuring patients have a positive healthcare experience.

Cloud-Powered Contact Center Transformation for Healthcare Receivables Company
Cloud-Powered Contact Center Transformation for Healthcare Receivables Company
Cloud-Powered Contact Center Transformation for Healthcare Receivables Company
Cloud-Powered Contact Center Transformation for Healthcare Receivables Company


They faced a multifaceted challenge that demanded immediate attention. Their reliance on outdated premise contact center technology hampered their ability to adapt to shifting operational needs and led to reliability and downtime issues. Attempts to extricate themselves from the inflexible technology stack were unsuccessful, resulting in a sense of paralysis and real business risk due to the complexity of their environment, and the need to maintain specific back-end elements even as they endeavored to migrate the customer interaction stack from it. Further, marketplace pressures exerted significant downward pressure on margins, creating more reason to augment revenue streams while reducing operational costs.

Our Approach

Bluewave had to accomplish four goals:

  1. Confirm that a migration to a cloud-based contact center platform could be completed while maintaining all critical operations
  2. Accomplish new technology purchase and the migration with a neutral technology spend by whatever means
  3. Hear all 13 key project stakeholders, incorporate their needs and use cases into a cohesive strategy
  4. Meet tight timelines and accelerate the outcomes through a well-executed process and by augmenting internal teams

Bluewave initiated a comprehensive CX assessment. This began with a series of stakeholder interviews, which served as the foundation for understanding the technical needs and strategic goals of the organization and various departments. Key stakeholders from all levels of CX Operations were engaged, enabling a holistic perspective to inform the transformation process.

Through interviews and KPI analysis, Bluewave pinpointed areas where alignment between objectives and current capabilities could be optimized. A deep dive into the technical needs and feature requirements of the organization was conducted to ascertain the precise technology solutions needed to address their challenges effectively. It was clear that they needed to invest in more technology, expand self-service operations, increase analytics, and improve agent assist capabilities.

Bluewave vetted numerous provider solutions to ensure that the chosen platform aligned seamlessly with their requirements and goals. This meticulous approach formed the bedrock of the strategy devised by Bluewave to guide them toward a future of improved reliability, reduced downtime, enhanced revenue generation, and more efficient operations.

The analysis of their operations revealed several critical areas that required immediate attention. First, there were platform and data reliability issues that hindered visibility of agent performance and voice of customer. This lack of insight hindered the ability to make informed decisions and optimize customer interactions effectively. Moreover, the existing technology stack was limited in its ability to support essential elements such as automation, performance improvement, and self-service capabilities, which are increasingly vital in the modern collections industry.

However, the challenges also presented significant opportunities. Our client had the potential to dramatically improve operational efficiencies, increase collections revenue results, and reduce overall operating expenses through strategic technological enhancements. To capitalize on these opportunities, it was recommended that they deploy a fully integrated stack of cloud-based contact center services, replacing the legacy contact center. This would facilitate seamless integration with critical workflows and existing applications, ensuring a cohesive and efficient operational environment.

“Bluewave’s guidance was invaluable in helping us make a pivotal decision for our business. They pushed us to challenge our assumptions and consider all our options, even the ones outside of our comfort zone. Thanks to their expertise and CX Assessment we were able to upgrade to a cloud CCaaS and analytics platform that has improved our customer experience to better serve our clients. We were able to expand our tech stack, invest in self-service operations, and minimize risks and costs, while working in coordination with us to drive the providers to their best commercial offers. Choosing Bluewave was the best decision we could have made for our business.” – CIO


Our client achieved remarkable results by moving to a cloud based CCaaS platform:


98% increase in revenue collection compared to the previous platform


Equivalent productivity of 7 FTEs by extending availability through the new self-service platform into nights and weekends without adding any FTE staff


300% increase in revenue on bad debt collections compared to the previous

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