Client Testimonials

At Bluewave, we support our clients by transforming the perplexing IT buying process into a strategic partnership that aligns directly with clients’ goals, improving the buying experience, and ultimately, the outcomes. Hear directly from our clients the value we add to their organizations. 

Mortgage Lender

Mortgage Lender

Our partnership with Helm Partners, now Bluewave, spans over a decade, and they have been an essential factor in saving us millions of dollars in unified communications and contact center projects. Their expertise in contracting, renewal, and account management of support efforts has been invaluable to our organization, enabling us to secure the best contracts and terms for our business needs. Bluewave’s unparalleled ability to work with service providers and deliver outstanding results has been the fundamental secret sauce behind our successful collaboration. They have consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our business requirements, and their unwavering commitment to achieving our goals has been instrumental in driving our success. We cannot recommend them highly enough, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them for years to come.

Einstein Healthcare Network

I wanted to share my sincerest appreciation for the quality of service provided by Bluewave. The level of detail, accountability, and customer service that all of the team members demonstrate on a consistent basis far surpasses my highest expectations. Your leadership values to create such organization culture are an inspiration. Thank you for being a great partner with Einstein Healthcare Network.

Buckeye Partners

Buckeye Partners has utilized Bluewave for many years for all of our Telecom Expense Management services including communications invoice payment processing, MACD services, and repair facilitation. Their knowledgeable, dedicated, and caring staff expertise had added key elements to extend and augment Buckeye’s IT and Finance team, while providing stellar service levels. The partnership forged between Bluewave and Buckeye has led to many other value-driven projects, as well as countless savings to the organization.


Whether it be for internet circuits, MPLS, Data Centers, VOIP Providers or Customer Support Contact Centers, I always trust that Bluewave will steer me in the right direction and negotiate the best deals for my company. Bluewave is a trusted advisor, and by relying on their expertise in this space, I’m able to focus my attention on other areas of the business.


Bluewave offers powerful tools and reliable support which any complex network requires to function smoothly. We have engaged them to manage the entire telecom and network procurement process which involves management of multiple global carriers. Their support team is outstanding and always helps escalate and prioritize resolution with carriers. A trusted partner for more than a decade; they have extensive industry knowledge and the ease with which they execute complex agreements never ceases to amaze me.

Sunrider International

I was referred to Bluewave by an executive peer of mine to assist me with adopting a cloud voice strategy. After speaking with Bluewave, they advised me that the only way to optimize the outcome of a cloud voice transition is to have a clear inventory of our current state and a clear set of success criteria through which to evaluate vendors. They proposed a Technology Baseline Assessment followed by their Voice Transformation Process. By following this recommendation, we were able to find immediate operational cost savings and apply those to a global UCaaS solution that was more encompassing and robust than we were initially looking at. Since then, we have continued to work with Bluewave as a trusted IT and Transformation sourcing partner.

Welbe Health

Working with Bluewave helped me do more with less resources. I was able to outsource much of the purchasing process for several projects to Bluewave which freed up my time to focus on higher value projects. Additionally, they were able to help negotiate favorable terms and conditions for us saving us money over going direct.


The communications market has changed dramatically, and we were not aware of the various options available in the market. Bluewave stays abreast of advances in technology and bundles them into solutions to improve your business. Our new phone system is up and running and we immediately started realizing tangible financial and operational benefits. We’ll use them again for our next project without a doubt.

Glazer’s Beer & Beverage

With so many different VOIP systems available, we knew that it would be time consuming and potentially costly to procure them on our own. This is where Bluewave really hit it out of the park. They carefully listened to our needs and provided several options along with references so that we could validate the vendor that was being recommended. They were also integral in not just the upfront signing of the contract, but also there for us after we started with the vendor to ensure that our needs were being met and that we were satisfied with the recommendation that they made.


Bluewave is a key partner to Bottomline and brings strong industry knowledge and contacts to our business. Our initial project started in 2017 and lasted for over a year to establish MPLS connectivity over 100 Bottomline customers. It was a very successful project which streamlined the implementation process and circuit delivery timeline.

Hitchiner Manufacturing Company

Bluewave has been a true partner for us. They go the extra mile, whether it’s working with us to assess and manage our current contracts or plan for growth. Bluewave has helped us optimize our telecommunications resources while enabling us to improve our bandwidth and our service business.

South Jersey Industries

After a very long and arduous carrier port we were very happy to have had the Bluewave and their VP get engaged to ensure that all lines were up and tested clean. Thank you, you are the absolute best!

Southern States Cooperative

Great support is essential for building long-term relationships with customers. Bluewave delivers by providing support with high levels of professionalism, dedication, experience, and knowledge. From provisioning services, to TEM, to MACD, they helped us streamline our support needs with accuracy and quick resolution of issues, working alongside us as a team. Bluewave is delivering a better service to our lines of business than we could accomplish internally.


Thank you for all your hard work. I am so grateful that we have the Bluewave Provisioning team on top of things! I truly believe that if we had not had your team engaged, we would have had many more delays. I am extremely happy with how you have addressed any issues that we encountered. It has been a pleasure working with your team.

Miller’s Insurance Agency

Bluewave cut through the red tape and confusion from our wireless carrier. After almost a year of frustration and going back and forth with multiple issues we hired Bluewave and now have our wireless needs under control. They reduced our bill by a third. Wow real savings. The service that Bluewave provided was fantastic. In an era of wireless carriers that can’t get out of their own way to help, this was a great experience and would recommend them to every business that uses wireless in their business.

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