Expense Management

Stop the spreadsheet chaos that comes from dealing with multiple cost centers, locations, and service providers. The Bluewave Technology Expense Management (TEM) practice consolidates all your cloud, network, and communications inventory and expenses into a single repository, giving you enhanced visibility at a detailed level. Bluewave has decades of collective experience partnering with clients to manage and reconcile technology expenses quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Average customer telecom expenses savings in 2021

Average customer ROI on TEM investment in 2021

Optimize and Save

Telecom service providers and now cloud service providers have complex billing and platforms that result in potential overcharges. From charging NRCs that were waived during contract negotiations, to paying for services that you disconnected months or years ago, to getting hit with an autorenewal, the erroneous charges and fees can be overwhelming to find. Let Bluewave help you take control of confusing telecom and IT costs with our comprehensive suite of managed services delivering cost control and process efficiency.

Technology Expense Management

Get control over monthly cost variability and remove surprise budget spikes. All of your expenses will be centralized in one portal—order management and tracking, inventory management, and service provider management—bringing greater visibility, accountability, and control.

Know Your Inventory

  • Get visibility across all services, contracts, devices, and locations with one consolidated TEM platform
  • Empower your organization to understand, automate, and control your expenses, assets, and usage
  • Ensure costs and inventory remain predictable and efficient
  • Reduce costs through the removal of unconventional and excessive telecom expenses

Complete Telecom & IT Cost Aggregation

  • Visibility into monthly spend by carrier, service provider, business unit, location, and cost center through dashboards and custom reporting
  • Up-to-date and accurate monthly reporting for finance
  • Monthly bill processing includes bill reviews and reporting

Effortless Bill Pay

  • Automate manual processes and increase visibility
  • Consolidated carrier and technology services invoices into one statement
  • We pay your telecom invoices on your behalf

Cost Auditing and Reconciliation

Stop getting billed for services that should have been canceled, and stop being charged for services that are out of contract. Take back control of your technology spending.

Identify Error Detection & Resolution

  • Shore up expenses by relying on Bluewave to find billing errors
  • We identify discrepancies and work on your behalf to resolve them

Administer Service Credits

  • Telecom cost recovery, particularly on overpayment
  • Improved dispute management process, resolution, and settlement

Cloud Expense Management

Cloud-based platforms have revolutionized business. Company IT departments are freed from the endless drudgery of keeping software updated and running in a safe and secure environment. PaaS and SaaS are great, but the ease of deployment that makes it so desirable can also make it unmanageable. Bluewave takes the guesswork out of pinpointing the right Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for your organization while continually optimizing those software strategies as your business evolves.

Cost Containment in the Cloud

  • Ensure you’re not paying for over-capacity, over-subscriptions, or runaway shadow IT
  • Recommend contract strategies that allow you to pay for the capacity used

Ongoing Cloud Services Audits & Cost Analysis

  • Regular audits of capacity and subscriptions
  • Analyze utilization against contracts
  • Recommend consolidation and cost containment actions

Wireless and Mobility Expense Management

Smartphones. BYOD. Hotspots. 5G/4G/LTE backup. Cellular backhauls. The experts at Bluewave streamline the mobile device lifecycle management with a unified mobility platform. No matter how you use wireless technology, we’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of these solutions. Our mobility lifecycle management solution allows you to view and report on data in real time across all carriers and services.

Centralized Wireless Costs

  • Manage mobile devices, services, expenses, and rate plan optimization – all supported by an online portal and dedicated help desk
  • Keep all of your devices in check with insight into usage and costs
  • Live online chat available so you can access the support you need when it’s most convenient for you

Simpler Accounting & Tracking

  • Real-time visibility, reporting, and cost management through our intuitive monitoring portal
  • Uncover mobility cost savings by identifying trends such as high voice, text, data, or international use, as well as unnecessary features and services
  • Easily order new devices and plans, and track it all with our customer portal

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Schedule a technology consultation today and our experts will help you achieve technology transparency.


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