Seth Penland

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Seth launched Bluewave Technology Group in 2016 to simplify the technology purchasing process for companies by saving them considerable time and costs over the traditional procurement process.

Seth also formed Evergreen Technology Partners, an advisory and investment firm specializing in transactions related to telecom and information technology services businesses, including

Wayne Dietrich

Chief Operations Officer

Prior to joining Bluewave Technology Group, Wayne served as Chief Operating Officer at Element Critical, a North American data center company. Before Element Critical, Wayne was the Chief Sales Officer for Cologix, a North American data center and interconnection company.

Wayne brings 25 years of diverse experience in executive sales leadership, global strategic alliances, technical operations, business development, channel optimization, and go-to-market execution

Kevin Burke

Chief Financial Officer

Prior to Bluewave, Kevin served as Senior Vice President and Commercial Group Leader at Savage Services Corporation, a global supply chain and logistics service provider.

In this role, he oversaw commercial and corporate development activities for Savage’s energy and infrastructure sectors. Prior to this, Kevin held various senior financial, strategy, and operational roles

Lisa Guillaume

Chief Marketing Officer

Prior to joining Bluewave Technology Group, Lisa served as Vice President of Marketing at Quench Water, a Culligan company, leading marketing, sales operations, and inside sales.

Prior to Quench, Lisa was the Chief Marketing Officer for Cologix, a North American data center and interconnection company. Lisa has also held strategic leadership roles in product and marketing

Gabe Tuerk

Chief Information Officer

Gabe is a 22-year industry veteran who launched his Telecom career at Level 3 in 1999. At Level 3, he built the foundation for his expertise in software development, business processes, and product development, supporting core Telecommunications, Data Center, and Media/Content products.

He constructed Enterprise-scale solutions at Zayo built on the platform; led Product


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Parsippany, NJ 07054

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