Bluewave’s Linda Jeffries Inspires Industry and Profiled in AOTMP® Insights’ Women in Technology Feature

PARSIPPANY, N.J.– (June 10, 2022) – Bluewave Technology Group (“Bluewave”), an innovative, high-growth technology advisory and lifecycle management company, today announced that AOTMP® Insights featured Linda Jeffries, Bluewave’s Vice President of Operations, as an inspiring female leader in its June 2022 Women in Technology feature.

“The AOTMP is an organization that’s dedicated to helping telecom, mobility, and technology professionals drive the entire industry forward. Linda’s expertise in this field is unmatched, and we congratulate her on being profiled in the Women in Technology feature. She is a valued member of the Bluewave team, and her leadership is recognized throughout our company and our clients. We look forward to working alongside her as she leads us through many exciting projects today and new endeavors coming soon,” said Seth Penland, CEO of Bluewave.

AOTMP Insights is the editorial publication of the AOTMP global organization that is focused on empowering professionals in the dynamic $4+ trillion telecom, mobility, and IT management industry. Jeffries is featured in the June 2022 issue of AOTMP Insights that profiles seven categories of women in technology that are inspiring the industry.

At Bluewave, Jeffries’ focus is on creating an excellent client experience, optimizing client technology spending, and ensuring a smooth transition for clients when adding or upgrading service installations. She oversees Bluewave’s Technology Expense Management teams and maintains revenue responsibility for the Operations department to meet company goals and results.

She manages her departments with a purposeful intent to recognize her teams’ accomplishments often. “I strive to be an inspirational leader for my team and Bluewave by demonstrating integrity, teamwork, and a high degree of communication. I like to be the first person to praise my team and others for a job well done while also giving immediate feedback so that we can all improve together,” Jeffries noted.

Jeffries has more than twenty years of experience in the industry and has been actively involved in the AOTMP and its Fixed & Mobile Telecom Management Conferences in the past. She credits her passion for telecom and collaboration as the driver behind her strong career.

“It is essential to have contagious and positive energy when working with clients and partners. Growing and nurturing relationships are a big part of who I am. A highly-engaged team means clients know we care, and the team knows they are adding value,” Jeffries said.

“Now that most people are remote, I believe coaching, enhancing individual communication skills and genuine caring about each other are front and center to personal well-being and the team’s success,” she added.

While Jeffries provides unwavering support for every member of her team, she believes that mentorship is an important part of supporting and advancing the careers of women in technology. She explained, “I have mentored and encouraged many women over the years to push for more and show up with hard work and dedication. All women can attain their goals with the right mentors, great opportunities, and encouragement. I believe in equality in the workplace and have advocated for women to advance their careers. As a woman leader in my company, I hope to create opportunities for my team and encourage women to break the barriers.”

When asked what advice she would give to girls and women pursuing a career in technology, she offered, “I would encourage women to be their own advocates and follow those they admire, set good examples for themselves, and find a mentor that will boost their growth and pursuit in technology. Never stop learning. Talk to everyone you meet. Don’t be intimidated. Collaborate with team members and be a team player. Have an unpreceded work ethic and go above and beyond to show your dedication and passion for what you do. I have also found that clear and concise communication and knowing your audience are critical.”

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