Bluewave advisory consultants can help you gain much-needed visibility on your current technology use and spending. A Bluewave baseline technology assessment can help you identify areas where deficits, obsolescence, and overspending are causing inefficiencies throughout your enterprise.

Analyze and Discover
Baseline Assessment
Baseline Assessment

Analyze and Discover

Average 21% Savings Opportunities

Are you using the right cloud, network, and business communication solutions at costs that are predictable and under control? Are there better ways of deploying technology solutions considering how your company has grown recently? Through our Baseline Technology Assessment, Bluewave advisory consultants begin by taking a deep dive into what you already have, including existing technology, services, inventory, and contracts.

Our goal is to not only deliver visibility of IT technology across your organization, but also identify which assets are supporting your business goals and eliminate those that aren’t. Our experts use the insights gained from assessing your current platform to help you make strategic technology decisions about which services, carriers, and technologies to select while streamlining implementation timelines.

Baseline Assessment
Baseline Assessments
Baseline Assessment

Baseline Assessments

Know where you stand today with a comprehensive technology assessment from Bluewave. With our Baseline Assessment, we take a holistic approach to understanding your existing telecom and technology services while delivering an average 12.4x ROI. And as a result, you’ll have a detailed summary of findings and the visibility you need to streamline expenses and simplify management going forward.

  • We work with you to understand your business goals, drivers, and outcomes
  • We deliver a technical assessment of your telecom and communications infrastructure
  • We analyze all cost and utilization
  • We identify opportunities for improvement
  • We will show you where the most benefit can be gained with technology optimized for how your business operates

Comprehensive Cost Audits

Our technology consulting team will conduct an extensive cost audit to help you understand the services you are getting and their associated costs. We will identify services that you shouldn’t be paying for and others that are no longer needed. This one step could trigger a large cost reduction and make a difference to your savings and bottom line.

Comprehensive Data Collection
  • Complete inventory of all your invoices
  • Development of a comprehensive contract/service provider list
  • Consolidation of all telecom Customer Service Records (CSRs)
  • Creation of a database of devices, seats, lines, ports, trunks, and features
Optimization Recommendations
  • Custom recommendations for consolidation, correction, or elimination
  • Design recommendations for IT and network optimization
  • Develop a technology blueprint that serves as a cohesive framework for future management and technology transformation projects
Bluewave Savings

Knowing how much you spend on tech is vital to the survival and profitability of your business. Allow the Bluewave Savings Calculator to show you what you can save.

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Get in touch with our team today, and we’ll show you exactly how a baseline assessment and telecom audit can better align your technology needs with your broader business goals.