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Enterprise networking describes all the physical, logical, and virtual connections that connect a business’ users, applications, data, devices, servers, and systems. When optimized, it provides fast, reliable, and efficient access to all the resources that keep the business working. But all network connectivity is not created equally and what may work for one business may hinder another. From more traditional approaches like MPLS, to modern options like SD-WAN, there are multiple possibilities to consider.


Technology is rapidly changing, and every day brings new options for business to consider. There are so many possibilities to choose from and so many ways to leverage them all that technology and IT decision makers are often left unclear on the best choice for their requirements. Today, most enterprises have a collection of network solutions that they’ve piecemealed over the years and have inherited from earlier designs and initiatives.

Some of those technologies might be obsolete and could be preventing organizations from achieving true business agility that scales. Modern approaches to enterprise networking are made up of scalable software-defined connectivity options combined with orchestration tools that deliver visibility and insights into the network’s performance. Agile, flexible, scalable networks facilitate automation, seamless connections, and accommodate real-time capacity needs, regardless of the source.

Key Technology Solutions

  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • Broadband, Cable, DSL
  • IP VPN
  • MPLS
  • Private Lines
  • Ethernet, GigE, MetroE
  • SD-WAN
  • Wavelengths
  • Business Fiber
  • Managed Network Services

Drive Operational Efficiency and Agility with Enterprise Networking

With an optimized network, organizations can realize:

  • Network flexibility
  • Centralized management
  • Business agility
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased security
  • Higher bandwidth and availability
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost reduction

Networking solutions are unique to each organization depending on your current network architecture, business processes, use cases, and what business outcomes you’re striving for. Rapid growth, global expansion, virtual workforces, increased security threats, resiliency concerns, and the plethora of available cloud applications are all putting pressure on IT leaders running legacy network designs. Many companies are exploring SD-WAN and SASE solutions to give them more flexibility than traditional WAN services. Often these technologies can be deployed over existing WAN connections, whether they are Internet (DIA, broadband, fiber, LTE) or private (MPLS, private line), but if done improperly, could reduce a SASE or SD-WAN platform’s effectiveness. When compared to traditional network connectivity approaches, and implemented properly, software defined solutions like SD-WAN and SASE offer simplified management, quicker turnup, better application performance, improved resiliency, and cost savings.

Enterprise Networking

Pandemics, the Great Resignation, and work-from-anywhere taught us that agility is just as important as efficiency in today’s networked world. Your network architecture should be able to change and adapt at a rapid pace without negative impacts to your business. Efficiency and agility can be accomplished with modern architectures and technologies, such as SD-WAN, SASE, and AI/ML network operations platforms. Driving operational efficiency involves improving network automation processes, faster deployment, scalable networks, end-to-end network visibility, and robust security.

Enterprise Networking

Get in touch with Bluewave and we’ll show you exactly how to better align your networking technology needs with your broader business goals. Our goal is to not only deliver the best technology across your organization, but also find which assets are supporting your business goals and cut those that aren’t.

Enterprise Networking

Bluewave’s Approach to Enterprise Networking

Bluewave helps companies purchase and manage cloud, network, and communications technology in a better way. Our streamlined, customer-centric approach of evaluating, sourcing, managing, and supporting technology solutions simplifies the entire technology lifecycle across multiple service providers and partners. Whether you need to build a scalable network as you open more locations or want to improve utilization and effectiveness of what you already have, the experts at Bluewave can help.

The most important part of any network transformation or augmentation is data gathering. By helping clients align their network strategy to their user profiles, application requirements, existing network assets, and business drivers, Bluewave can drive superior outcomes when adopting Enterprise Networking solutions. For clients who don’t have all these datasets, Bluewave’s Baseline Technology Assessment and Strategy Workshops can be the first step towards evaluating new Enterprise Networking solutions.

Questions to Consider

  • What types of network connectivity are you leveraging today?
  • Do you support remote access for traveling or work-from-anywhere employees?
  • Is your current network application aware to optimize traffic by business priority?
  • Are you using SD-WAN or SASE technology across your network?
  • What challenges are you currently facing with your company’s WAN and connectivity?

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