Strategic Technology Sourcing

The Bluewave team is comprised of technology experts who help determine and decide on the right communication solutions to use for mid-to-large sized businesses across all industry segments. Companies like yours can leverage our deep knowledge and expertise to get the most out of the technology solutions you’ll need to prosper.

Determine and Decide

Bluewave is committed to delivering the best ROI for your technology investments. Our long-standing service provider relationships reflect our dedication to this mission. We maintain an extensive network that enables us to custom-tailor technology solutions for your specific needs. From requirements vetting to service provider negotiations, we are your strategic IT solutions partner committed to your long-term success.

Requirements Assessment

We will help you define your business requirements, including business goals and outcomes that are needed to achieve success. More importantly, we can work across multiple service provider partners to design the most effective solutions.

Conduct Needs Analysis

  • Every business is unique. We take the time to understand the depth and complexity of your technology needs

Identify Opportunities & Gaps

  • We identify opportunities where the right cloud, collaboration, network, voice, or IT solution could change the game for your organization

RFP/RFQ Process Administration

With a virtually limitless choice of equipment, SaaS providers, carriers, and Managed Service Providers, the Request for Proposal (RFP) process can be very difficult. Bluewave specializes in staying current on all changes and options throughout the industry.

Manage RFP Process

  • We will do the heavy lifting for you, crafting specific, needs-based RFPs that will speak directly to your requirements

Compare RFP Responses

  • We will conduct a thorough comparison of all responses, analyzing them for relevance, cost, total value, and integration feasibility

Service Provider Quoting

Whether you are staying with your current provider or choosing a new one, we know the market prices for the services you require. Clients continually leverage us because of this expertise.

Review Quotes & Compare

  • Not all service providers are created equal. Bluewave will help you make sense of all your options

Conduct Cost/Benefit Analyses

  • Understand exactly what you’re getting and why it costs what it does, making your technology purchasing decision easier

Service Provider Selection

We have access to over 250 service providers. Service providers are carefully selected after passing a comprehensive vetting process. We review every service provider to ensure they meet our stringent expectations on ease-of-use, implementation, training, customer support, features, and price.

Review Service Provider Profiles & Offerings

  • Get a detailed summary of the technology providers that meet your requirements

Get Specialized Recommendations

  • We’ll choose the best providers offering the most efficient technology solutions at the lowest prices

Contract Negotiations

Pricing and contract negotiation are critical to creating a long-term IT solution. Without flexibility, great pricing, and multi-contract synchronization, your IT and communication design is at risk of sustainability.

Future Proof Your Contracts

  • Bluewave will assist in ensuring all your service provider contracts offer the maximum amount of flexibility

Deliver Optimization

  • We know how to get the most out of every service provider contract, with terms and conditions that work for you, not against you

Get the confidence that comes with knowing you’re getting exactly what your business needs to succeed.


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