Technology Strategy Consulting

Many businesses view their information technology systems and processes as nothing more than an additional item to contain and preserve the status quo. And it’s no wonder – managing technology requirements, vetting service providers, evaluating proposals, and measuring ongoing optimization of your IT solutions can be costly, time-consuming, and confusing. And with the exponentially increasing technology landscape, it is even harder to stay on top of what might be your current or next greatest asset. Therefore, having a single source for technology assessment, strategy, purchasing, and expense management is crucial to your success.


Compared to telecom and technology consulting of yesteryear, today’s landscape is infinitely more complex. As a result, large telecommunications companies that provide simple voice and data services have expanded to include service providers large and small that aim to transform organizations digitally.

For example, some estimates point to our world having nearly 40 billion Internet of Things-connected devices by 2025. Are businesses ready to build an IOT strategy around this technology? How should IOT technology fit into their plans?


With technology rapidly expanding, your company’s needs can diverge from what your current IT can deliver. As a result, almost any organization with a digital presence will have to manage its IT systems and services differently today than it did yesterday.

But a business strategy that makes the best use of technology to drive business goals is an entire challenge all on its own. For example, it’s difficult to ensure your telecom bills are correct, or your latest circuit has been provisioned correctly – let alone determine a strategy to affect business outcomes.

Businesses need a strategic technology advisory and lifecycle management firm that provides a better way to procure technology solutions that help them grow revenue, cut costs, or improve efficiency.


Our advisers are true strategic consulting partners, supporting clients throughout the lifecycle thanks to our specialized technology evaluation and sourcing strategy and our connections to hundreds of the best service providers, carriers, and partners.

We begin with a complete technology assessment, strategy workshop, or telecom audit to determine your needs. The data gained via the assessment will drive recommendations backed by multiple solutions across leading service providers, ensuring a well-vetted and detailed strategy that aligns with your expected business outcomes. Together, these three components, technology, strategy, and consulting, will allow your company to achieve network transformation, transparency, and cost savings.

Four Critical Services

Along with the technology, strategy, and consulting, Bluewave utilizes the following services to maximize a client’s ability to grow revenue, reduce costs, and improve process efficiency.

Technology Assessment

We begin by taking a deep dive into existing technology, services, inventory, and contracts.

Strategic Sourcing

Our long-standing service provider relationships allow us to customize technology solutions. We can design the most effective solutions across numerous service provider partners.

Expense Management

Take control of confusing telecom and IT costs with our comprehensive suite of managed TEM services delivering cost control and process efficiency.

Operations Support

We are your single point of contact for vendors, suppliers, and carriers. From technology planning to implementation and beyond, we have you covered.

Why Bluewave?

Bluewave, specializing in IT and telecom infrastructure modernization, collaborates with proven cloud, network, security, and collaboration service providers to develop the best solution while maximizing the clients’ technology investment.

Telecommunication service providers, and now cloud service providers, have complex billing processes that often result in potential overcharges. Finding these errors is much easier when you have a TEM telecom system for managing assets, vendor spend, telecom usage, and existing contracts. Bluewave helps by taking control of confusing telecom, and IT costs with our comprehensive suite of managed services delivering cost control and process efficiency.

Technology expense management is vital to the success of any enterprise. Bluewave’s TEM services will reconcile technology expenses quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Schedule a technology consultation today or contact us at 1.800.962.7752, and our telecom experts will help you achieve technology transparency.

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