To provide security as a service, you are tirelessly used to the idea that the technology landscape and its adversaries are constantly changing. To stand out, a provider needs to find the right balance of not only addressing technology and security concerns, but also simultaneously sharing a human level of service to its customers. If someone is coming after you, you need to know that someone is also there for you, with the same level of intensity and intelligence.

Professionals who have worked in this space are seeing more than ever the intricate ways that security and technology are becoming a part of people’s personal and business lives. Just a short time ago the security team for an enterprise used to be small and tucked away, only to be called upon when the company was in defense mode. We are now seeing security as a proactive measure, woven into every aspect of day-to-day business functions and decisions. Here is the bottom line – without a trustworthy security team, you have your business on one side and limitless adversaries on the other.

Today, business leaders are much more engaged in cyber security and realize they have a responsibility to make their company and employees safer. They know that the adversary is there, evolving with new technologies and tactics and targeting everyone, not just big banks. When hacking first started, its purpose was more thrill seeking than anything else. But today hacking is a money-making industry among other things. There is an entire supply chain from those who create exploits, to those who sell and use them, and ultimately those who launder the information and proceeds from it. As the likelihood for real monetary returns occur the sophistication and depth of the supply chain increases. For example, if you look on the Dark Web, there are huge amounts of organized crime groups working together, typically for some sort of profit or political gain. Groups are providing both confidential data such as intellectual property and medical records but also “hacking as a service” with customer support for using exploit tool kits. Enterprises are now needing to maintain levels of defense against this kind of systematic and organized criminal activity.

For example, through the monitoring of threat intelligence, data dumps, and the Dark Web, we now see that one of the biggest industries falling victim to cyber-attacks is the healthcare industry. A medical record on the Dark Web now costs more money than someone’s social security number or any other personally identifiable information. The remediation time involved, potential loss of intellectual property, and other secure data can be absolutely crippling for a business, which is frustrating when there are simple steps to take to remedy these issues.

This is the unique thing about cyber security – there is a faceless adversary who is intending to cause specific harm. At Bluewave, we help our customers determine the best solution to protect them from their adversaries. Many people think that security is only a technology issue, but we know threats can’t be stopped with technology alone. You need skilled people and processes in place to stay secure, with a trained security team focused on delivering high levels of service with a human touch. Adversaries are constantly adapting their methods of attack, and companies will require the same levels of consistency and review of their ongoing security posture to stay ahead of them. Please reach out to us so we can help match you with one of our leading cyber security partners that provide the people and technology necessary to protect your company’s valuable resources.