Ensure your enterprise mobile workforce has the wireless support it needs

Is your mobile workforce optimized?

Today, business happens remotely. Whether employees are in the office, remote, hybrid, or on the road, mobile technologies drive the way we work. With the added complexity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture, simply providing employees with devices and plans is not enough. True mobility management involves making productivity and device security across company and personal devices easy while also ensuring a return on investment for mobile expenditures.

Mobile spending vs. mobility management

All businesses have costs for mobile services, but few approach their spending from a perspective of comprehensive management. Moving from a mobile spending model to a mobility management model enables businesses to maximally support their mobile workforces while also ensuring they’re spending their wireless budgets wisely. For most companies, mobile spending is an unavoidable, non-negotiable budget line item—in reality, many are spending more than they should. A mobility management approach is centered on a strategic mobile plan utilizing expense management tools, including regular negotiation for better deals with carriers, identifying and eliminating unnecessary features and services, and identifying and removing zero-use devices.

Avoid unexpected no-return costs

Mobility management also includes tools and strategies to monitor and control usage, the ability to set mobile and data usage limits, and generate alerts when usage exceeds a certain threshold.

Mobile carriers know that most businesses don’t scrutinize their mobile usage and spending in-depth, and structure overage charges as a built-in part of their revenue strategy. By putting mechanisms in place to avoid these charges, businesses can find an effective discount on mobile spending.

Data insights into mobile usage offer critical information for spending decisions. A comprehensive mobility management strategy provides insights into how spending is generating productivity for employees and value for the business, allowing firms to identify those generating no return.

Eliminate unnecessary features, services, and zero-use devices

Another mobile device management tack for eliminating no-return costs is in identifying features, services, and devices that bring no value to the business. By identifying and removing these, you can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and streamline your mobile operations. This can be done by analyzing usage data, monitoring device inventory, conducting regular audits, and identifying and removing devices that are not being used.

Ensure your mobile workforce has the wireless support it needs

Eliminating costs is only the first half of the equation. With the money saved in eliminating waste, businesses with a mobility management strategy have resources to invest in new technologies that enhance productivity and drive value.

By implementing a comprehensive mobile strategy and utilizing inventory management tools, you can ensure that your employees have the devices, accessories, and support they need to stay connected and productive. This includes providing employees with the right devices, accessories, and applications, as well as providing support to get the most out of your mobile devices.

Mobility management is an effective way to support your mobile workforce while keeping costs under control, avoiding unexpected overages and large bills from excess usage, eliminating unnecessary wireless features, services, and zero-use devices, and ensuring your mobile workforce has the wireless support it needs.

Protect your wireless devices from cyberattacks

Increased threat exposure from mobile endpoints combined with an uptick in cybercrime have made it clear that organizations must do more to effectively manage risk. With access to a range of mobile security solutions, Bluewave can keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to wireless security across your network.

How Bluewave can help

Developing and executing a true mobility management strategy from scratch is a big investment in time. When done independently, it’s sometimes not worth it—or it becomes sidelined in favor of higher priority initiatives.

At Bluewave, we believe that all theoretical opportunities for cost savings deserve to be put into practice. Bluewave’s suite of mobility solutions includes sourcing and procurement of devices and accessories, applications for devices, policies, users, and inventory, as well as expense optimization and management. Our assessment and expense management teams have extensive experience helping companies deploy and manage mobile solutions that enhance the effectiveness of their sales force, retail efforts, operational processes, and supply chain management.

With our help, you can streamline wireless device procurement and deployment, implement policies to ensure compliance and security, and manage expenses to keep costs under control. Our inventory management tools allow you to keep track of all your devices and accessories, making it easy to replace or upgrade as needed. And our expense management tools give you visibility into usage and costs, allowing you to optimize your plan and negotiate better deals with carriers.

Wireless solutions we can help with include:

  • Wireless Assessment & Planning
  • Wireless Device Sourcing
  • Mobile Plan Comparisons
  • Usage Reporting
  • BYOD Planning
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Wireless Policy, Users, and Inventory Management
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

But we don’t just provide tools, we also provide expertise. Our team can help you develop and implement a mobile strategy that aligns with your business goals to ensure your employees are getting the most out of their devices.

At Bluewave, we understand that mobility is about more than just devices and plans. It’s about keeping your business connected and productive, and we’re here to help you do just that. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help support your business.