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Bluewave | September 18, 2023

Benefits of Optimizing Your Mobility Solutions

Mobilizing your business is about more than just giving people great devices and plans. It’s about making everything easy to manage and keeping costs under control while helping everyone stay connected and productive. Our top mobility partners have a suite of mobility solutions that include sourcing and procurement of devices and accessories across all carriers, online portals for usage control and custom ordering, plus expense optimization, aggregation, and management.

At Bluewave, whenever we’re talking about mobility, we’re always thinking in terms of optimization and efficiency. That’s because your mobility platform has the potential to introduce more hidden management and cost challenges than any other communication solution. Fortunately, our experts make it easy to achieve visibility while aligning ongoing strategies with managed mobility services.

Bluewave has over two decades of experience delivering the optimal enterprise mobility strategy for our clients. We provide solutions to facilitate ordering and managing mobile devices, services, expenses, endpoint security, and rate plan optimization from all the major carriers. Our approach to enterprise mobility will reduce your overhead, allow you to stay ahead of the technology curve, provide more choice and freedom, and decrease security threats.

Benefits of partnering with Bluewave for mobility aggregation and optimization:

  • Savings: 20-30% average savings on your mobility costs.
  • Visibility: Understand how your employees are using their devices and identify areas of improvement.
  • Choices: Support for BYOD devices and a wide variety of the top new devices.
  • Flexibility: Work with one vendor who can provide multiple technical and carrier solutions.
  • Convenience: One platform to manage your entire deployment; all devices, all plans, all carriers.
  • Support: One company to support your entire deployment 24/7/365, including device replacement.


See How Bluewave Helped a Global Steel Manufacturer and Supplier Save on Mobility Costs

The Client

A leading steel supplier and manufacturer, with a global presence, employing over 10,000 people across more than 50 locations. They specialize in providing commercial building components and operate their own steel manufacturing plants.

The Challenge

The client was facing several challenges related to their mobility services. At the time, their mobile and wireless services were spread across three different providers: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. This fragmented approach limited their buying power, leading to increased costs and complexity in managing their mobile services. The client had to dedicate significant resources to managing day-to-day activities, and the existing setup required them to hire an additional full-time employee (FTE) to handle the workload effectively. Moreover, the lack of visibility and automation in the portals provided by the previous providers added to the inefficiencies and created additional administrative overhead.

Our Approach

To address the challenges, the client sought the assistance of Bluewave, an advisory and sourcing partner. Bluewave took a comprehensive approach to find the most suitable solution by obtaining and reviewing the client’s mobility usage reports to gain a deeper understanding of their requirements. After analyzing the data, Bluewave explored three new potential providers. Bluewave presented the thorough analysis and the client decided to consolidate their mobile services with MetTel. This move enabled them to streamline their services, resulting in a unified approach with a single provider, offering numerous benefits.


The implementation of MetTel’s services brought about several notable improvements for the client:

  • 25% MONTHLY SAVINGS: By consolidating services with MetTel and leveraging their competitive wholesale rates, the client achieved a remarkable 25% reduction in their monthly mobile expenses, leading to significant cost savings.
  • IMPROVED CUSTOMER PORTAL: MetTel’s advanced portal provided the client with enhanced visibility, control, and automation, leading to more efficient management of their mobility services.
  • FREE ADVANCED REPLACEMENT FOR DEVICES: MetTel’s offering of free advanced replacements for lost, damaged, or stolen devices helped the client mitigate downtime and improve overall productivity, on top of cost savings.
  • ACCESS TO APPLE BUSINESS MANAGER: MetTel’s integration with Apple Business Manager provided the client with seamless management of their Apple devices, simplifying device deployment and management processes.
  • PRE-BUILT INTEGRATION TO SERVICENOW: MetTel’s integration with ServiceNow, a leading IT service management platform, streamlined workflows and created operational efficiencies for the client.

When you’re ready to optimize and save on your mobility solutions, you’re ready for Bluewave.

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