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Bluewave | April 24, 2024

How to Leverage Generative AI to Drive Agent Experience

The power of Generative AI and the best ways to leverage it have become a focal point for organizations looking for a competitive edge or to avoid a competitive disadvantage. We reached out to Raghavendra Rao, Senior Director of Product Management and Priyanka Malik, Content Marketer at our strategic partner Sprinklr to provide insights on this powerful tool.

Customer service leaders today grapple with a crucial decision – how to embrace Generative AI without it posing a threat to their existing workforce.

Here’s the twist: AI isn’t here to replace your human agents; it’s here to amplify their capabilities.

Together, agents and Generative AI, form an unstoppable customer experience team. With AI as an ally, your agents won’t feel the weight of mundane tasks. They’ll be free to focus on what truly matters, making a real impact.

The result? Happy agents, happier customers.

Let’s delve into how Generative AI empowers your team to double down on their core skills and revolutionize efficiency.

Role of Generative AI in revolutionizing customer service

  • A global economic game-changer: McKinsey predicts that Generative AI could become a powerhouse, potentially contributing between $2.6 trillion and $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy by 2040. Alas, this isn’t just another technological advancement; it’s an AI transformation with enormous customer service implications.
  • The unstoppable rise of ChatGPT: Take ChatGPT, for instance. It skyrocketed to prominence, amassing over 100 million users just two months after its launch. It’s not only a game-changer but also the fastest-growing app ever. It encouraged other players in the market such as Google to develop their own Large Language Models (LLM). This unprecedented adoption highlights a general willingness to embrace AI-powered solutions and indicates the incredible impact this could have on customer experiences.

But what are the use cases that make customer service leaders consider the power of Generative AI for creating remarkable agent experiences?

Let’s explore them in detail.

1. Elevating customer support:

  • Personalized responses: Generative AI equips customer service agents with the ability to provide tailored, individualized responses to customer inquiries. This personalization raises the bar for customer interactions, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.
  • Efficiency in response time: Rapid, real-time responses are no longer a distant dream. Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, streamlines customer service operations, ensuring customers receive prompt and meaningful assistance.

2. Empowering agent productivity:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks: The burden of repetitive tasks is significantly reduced through automation, allowing human agents to shift their focus towards more intricate and challenging customer issues.
  • Ticket deflection: Generative AI plays a crucial role in enhancing ticket deflection by tackling everyday customer questions automatically. It understands customer language, learns from past interactions, and integrates with chatbots for efficient issue resolution. This results in fewer incoming tickets for your agents and a proactive support system to help your customers.
  • Streamlined knowledge management: Managing knowledge bases has never been easier. Generative AI simplifies knowledge base management by automating content creation, ensuring up-to-date information to keep pace with product updates, and supporting multilingual queries. It maintains a consistent tone, optimizes content, and aids quality assurance. This efficient approach enhances support quality, making information readily accessible for agents and customers.
  • Effective training and onboarding: Generative AI transforms agent training by speeding up knowledge acquisition through quick, personalized learning paths. It provides realistic simulations for practical experience, tailors feedback for improvement, and adapts to changing requirements for continuous learning. AI ensures efficient, engaging, and effective onboarding, making agents confident and proficient in their roles.

3. Ensuring quality and compliance:

  • Mitigating human error: Generative AI’s precision minimizes the risk of human error, ensuring consistent and reliable service. Trust is paramount in customer relationships, and AI helps maintain it.
  • Quality control in responses: Generative AI technologies aid in maintaining the quality and compliance of responses, ensuring they meet established criteria.

4. Product and service enhancement:

  • Generative AI can identify recurring issues and escalations, providing valuable insights companies can leverage to refine their products and services. This insight-driven approach fosters continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

Success Story

Planet Fitness elevates customer experience with Sprinklr AI+
As one of the fastest-growing fitness franchises, Planet Fitness aims for top-notch customer experiences across its 2,400+ locations. Juggling social media, customer service, and reputation management for a massive audience posed a challenge for its team. In 2023, Planet Fitness explored Sprinklr AI+ beta to improve agent productivity and create seamless customer interactions.

The Results:

  • Tailored responses: Streamlined response customization, saving time and elevating customer service.
  • Tone modification: Effortless adjustments in tone ensured consistent messaging across different platforms and audiences.
  • Efficient Social Listening: AI+ empowered proactive insights, allowing timely responses to potential issues.

How to use Generative AI in CX responsibly 

With Generative AI, the possibilities are limitless, and therefore, the key requirement is to innovate responsibly. As you embark on this transformative journey, these critical considerations will ensure not only the ethical but impactful utilization of Generative AI:

  1. Data protection & privacy: With the increasing use of generative AI apps, it’s important to ensure that your ideas and inventions are kept secure. By implementing official and secure connections to LLMs, engineered guardrails, and proper data masking techniques, you can tap into generative models while safeguarding your intellectual property. Make sure to prioritize data protection and privacy to protect your company’s valuable assets.
  2. Ethical use of AI technology: Malicious actors can use Generative AI to launch cyberattacks. They can manipulate Generative AI through prompt injection, producing unintended outputs such as deepfakes and hate speech. The same technology that fuels innovation also carries the risk of exploitation, demanding vigilance against its darker potential.
  3. Combat bias to ensure fairness: Brands require spot-on customer interactions, where chatbot responses align precisely with brand guidelines, and agents are trained for excellence. But there’s a twist – Large Language Models (LLMs) learn from massive human-originated datasets, inheriting their biases. While using generative AI models, it’s critical to exercise control over responses. Therefore, suggestive models allow agents to verify responses before sharing them with customers. For example, in AI-driven hiring, if the training data carries biases, AI may inadvertently perpetuate these biases in candidate selection decisions.
  4. Human-AI synergy: Foster a dynamic partnership between your human agents and Generative AI. The goal is not replacement but augmentation, where humans and AI together craft a harmonious customer experience.
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With AI at your side, it’s not just about improving customer satisfaction anymore — it’s about leveraging contact centers to attain long-term business goals such as higher revenue. Gone are the days of being merely reactionary customer complaint departments; contact centers now need to take charge with proactive models that open the doors to extraordinary digital experiences for brands. It’s time to adapt, evolve, and thrive or risk losing the spotlight to those who are embracing AI transformation.

If you would like to have a trusted advisor with you on this journey to assess, advise and advocate, please contact Bluewave to leverage our expertise and experience for a Generative AI assessment on how technology can improve your CX and EX.

Original source of this blog was from our strategic partner Sprinklr.

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