Cybersecurity Solutions

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Cybersecurity Solutions
Cybersecurity Solutions

IT systems and technology have become mission-critical to organizations of all sizes. The rapid adoption of quickly changing cloud-based solutions, combined with the speed and sophistication of cyberattacks, can quickly leave IT security teams fighting an impossible battle.

With an evolving security perimeter, firewalls alone cannot prevent attacks and are ineffective at mitigating a breach once it occurs. Now more than ever, your security solution must be a multi-layered protection approach that includes training, tools, dedicated people, and outside validation.

The risks are too large to ignore. No matter the size of your business, security needs to be a priority. Both financial losses and reputations are at stake. The average breach of a small business costs almost $750,000, and for mid-market and enterprise clients, that number rises to over $4 million dollars. All of this has played a part in what has become a rapidly growing technology market. Cybercrime is rising exponentially. Cybersecurity Ventures says the cost of cyber security crime is predicted to hit $8 trillion in 2023 and will grow to over $10 trillion by 2025. Those that don’t invest where needed will become the easy targets for bad actors. And if that’s not an impetus to change, here are 34 cybersecurity stats you might lose sleep over.

With access to a range of managed security solutions and a deep understanding of the keys to a successful cybersecurity defense, Bluewave can keep you stay ahead of the curve when it comes
to security.

Organizations have become more dependent on technology, and as a result, they are more prone to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Whether due to human or system error, increased threat exposure from mobile endpoints and distributed applications combined with an uptick in cybercrime have made it clear that organizations must do more to effectively manage risk.

How reliant is an organization on information and data? Customer information. Order processing. Employee files. Intellectual property and proprietary data. Day-to-day functions such as email. Organizations of every size, scope, industry, and endeavor rely on their data integrity and ability to work with it — from managing a bank’s payroll to protecting a school’s student information to life-critical patient information. Every day you read about organizations being breached in the news. Threats are becoming more sophisticated and frequent.

The solutions range from small, easy-to-embrace ideas, like providing employee training, to extremely complex concepts, like systems that leverage AI to screen for processes that behave in certain ways. There’s no “security in a box.” Cybersecurity requires a holistic overarching plan, dedication, and frequent revisiting.

With a secure network, organizations can:

  • Improve effectiveness of managing threats and vulnerabilities leveraging a security mesh approach
  • Establish accountability with strategic management of security throughout your company
  • Maintain compliance while embracing the agility of the cloud
  • Ensure productivity with less system downtime from threats and attacks

Bluewave’s Approach to Security

Bluewave understands your concerns around control, security, and compliance. Every day, we work with organizations of all sizes to design security solutions that address their business and regulatory needs, while leveraging the power of the cloud for a competitive edge. Now’s the time to adjust your security strategy — don’t wait until your perimeter defenses are no longer effective against cyberattacks. Let Bluewave security advisors and our managed service partners identify threats and

vulnerabilities, minimize risk, and best support your data and business needs.
Regardless of your security requirements or industry regulatory compliance you’re trying to abide by, we’re here to help you. Whether you’re looking for a security assessment or finding security technology to help you identify, protect, detect, or respond to threats, we offer a full set of solutions to meet your needs and combat the growing number of cyber threats you continually face.

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