Network Availability – Now More important Than Ever

Even the most reliable networks have occasional outages. Whether it’s a core network failure (rare) or a misguided backhoe digging in the wrong place (unfortunately common) there’s no argument that it happens. We are operating in a connected world, 100% uptime is no longer a “nice to have”, it’s a “must have.” Loss of connectivity affects point-of-sale, DaaS, accounting software, Salesforce, UCaaS, CCaaS and a whole myriad of mission critical applications which reside in the cloud.

Calculating the Real Cost of Internet Downtime

A very simple approach to determine the cost of downtime is to calculate what an hour’s worth of revenue looks like. If you assume your business is open 52 weeks a year and operates on a normal 40-hour work week, there are 2080 hours in a year. Simply take the annual revenue amount, divide it by 2080 and that will give you the revenue per hour. Annual Revenue = Revenue/hour (52 x 40)

Multiply that revenue per hour times the number of hours a primary circuit goes down and you have an approximation of what that downtime means in terms of productivity. In a joint study, Cisco and AppDynamics found that downtime cost small and medium-sized businesses between $8,580 and $74,000 per hour! That is a significant risk and one that can be easily mitigated with the right back-up solution.

Top 4 Business Benefits of Wireless Failover Internet

  1. They are an inexpensive insurance policy against the hourly productivity cost of internet interruptions.
  2. They are very fast to deploy; no waiting for cable or fiber to be installed.
  3. When engineered well, today’s wireless technology can handle hosted applications like VoIP, IP VPN and other high-bandwidth/low-latency types of traffic.
  4. Offer a completely diverse path into your locations. No shared conduit or network elements between their primary and backup connections means complete redundancy.

Fully-Managed Solutions Save Time and Money

Our leading wireless providers offer a complete array of failover and back-up wireless solutions. You don’t need to worry about managing multiple wireless contracts based on physical location. The wireless provider can pool all carrier data plans into a single pool for you that can be drawn against when and if the inevitable primary internet failure happens. Consider how much productivity is saved by implementing a reliable, secure and physically redundant connectivity solution.