49% growth in one year. Contact centers are moving to the cloud.
The number of cloud-based contact center infrastructure seats rose 49.9% within one year, from 1,302,788 to 1,953,249. This increase shows a pattern of steady and strong growth that is expected to continue over the next five years and beyond. Worldwide adoption of cloud-based contact center infrastructure has risen rapidly as companies move their contact centers to the cloud to realize the flexibility, agility, scalability, and cost benefits of this implementation model.

Why cloud is the ideal contact center solution

#1 – The ability to scale quickly
Unlike legacy solutions that require voice modules, expansion I/O cards, additional software licenses, or other add-ons, cloud solutions allow instant scale workforce teams to meet the ebb and flow of customer demand. With the cloud, a company only pays for what it uses.

#2 – Faster deployment of new capabilities
One can add new sales tools on the fly.

#3 – Match an agent’s skills to the customer’s needs
Customers now have the choice to communicate in many ways – including web, mobile, chat, voice, IVR, email, and social channels. This provides access to huge pools of data that can reveal actionable insights
for companies. Cloud contact centers can use behavioral, demographic, and location-based customer information to properly match the right agent to the right customer.

#4 – Superior disaster recovery and business continuity
By housing infrastructure and critical data in a remote data center – situated far from potential disruptions – a properly architected cloud contact center provides superior business continuity. In the event of a disaster, one can instantly fail over to mobile devices or softphones on their home computers or at temporary work quarters.

#5 – The new “connected” agent
A cloud platform synthesizes all information into a single screen, creating a new breed of “connected agent” that can deliver the kind of competent support that resonates with customers.

The stats show that the cloud is winning the battle against legacy premise-based contact center solutions. Companies clearly value the flexibility, agility, scalability and cost benefits of cloud solutions
and we don’t expect this trend to change in the future.