Four Reasons BPOs choose Bluewave over traditional telecom brokers for business technology advisory services.

Recent BPO Trends

The U.S. BPO market is estimated to reach $69.2 billion in 2022 and constitutes the largest consumer of BPO services.1 Cloud computing, SaaS, and AI have changed BPO services for the better, leading to higher productivity and operational effectiveness. The technology and telecommunications industries offer substantial opportunities for BPOs – from cloud-based contact centers to redundant submarine networks to expense management.

Enterprises and SMBs are using cloud-based computing rather than opting to manage their own hardware, personnel, and data centers. This is creating opportunities for BPOs to provide superior and cost-efficient products, more secure and redundant networks, easier and faster implementations, and the agility to scale up and down as needed.

And with all of that opportunity and growth, many BPOs need a strategic advisor to thoughtfully advise them on their entire technology portfolio. Bluewave is responsible for advising clients across the technology lifecycle, from assessment to design to optimization, as well as helping enterprises achieve their long-term business outcomes.

Why Do BPOs Outsource Aspects of the Technology Lifecycle?

BPOs are the experts in outsourcing so they know exactly what needs to be farmed out and what to keep in-house. So why do they outsource parts of the technology lifecycle? Just like other successful businesses, they want a modern architecture for themselves and their clients to:

⦁    Be agile and flexible in their operations and network
⦁    Provide cost efficient products and processes
⦁    Build a robust and stable network with built-in redundancy and security
⦁    Go to market quickly with confidence
⦁    Focus on their core competencies and mission critical issues
⦁    Grow and optimize in the cloud for scalability and flexibility
⦁    Stop playing defense and overcome IT roadblocks
⦁    Stay informed of new technologies and latest trends

Why Do BPOs Choose Bluewave?

Working with Bluewave means working with a long-established, dedicated technology advisor with the industry expertise to deliver macro-level insights, achieve immediate cost savings, allow BPOs to reclaim time, and add lasting value to their technology and organization. So, why do BPOs choose Bluewave?

⦁   Speed to Market

Bluewave has the industry expertise to act as a force multiplier and fiduciary of their team to identify the solutions needed and help them understand why they need it. This will streamline the negotiations and contract process by 75% for quick speed to market.

Since we have working relationships with the leading technology vendors and telecom carriers, we already have deep insights into the market and experience with previous implementation projects, significantly speeding up the process while providing a solid foundation for success.

Bluewave does the heavy lifting for clients – vetting networks, negotiating telecom contracts, services, and apps, coordinating with carriers and service providers, as well as project management of all design and implementations. Through rigorous and efficient processes, we are an extension of the BPO team to free up valuable resources so they can work on mission critical applications.

⦁   International Expertise

Near shore. Offshore. Redundancy. Low latency. Bluewave has a heavy concentration and knowledge of the Pacific Rim, Caribbean, Central & Latin America submarine cabling systems and in-country networks.

We advise and architect the best diverse redundant networks plus exceptional cloud solutions for supporting international contact centers with voice, communications, and mobility. We also have strong competency in TDM and SIP voice services. Plus, we have strategic relationships with key international and domestic providers indigenous to the BPO vertical.

Our holistic knowledge of the challenges and pain points BPOs face, as well as the corresponding solutions and efficiencies, make Bluewave a value-added overlay in the BPO vertical. When you think about your traditional vendors and providers, they all touch one piece of your technology solutions, but Bluewave touches all aspects, from assessment to support, so there’s a cohesive strategy to save time, money, and frustrations.

⦁   Agile Products & Processes

BPOs must provide the highest level of service to their clients, which means eliminating all bottlenecks and areas of frustration in their own companies. Teams that don’t have the tools needed to do their jobs or deliver what’s needed won’t be able to deliver a top-notch customer experience and meet business outcomes.

The unbiased experts at Bluewave educate on which providers offer services that align with the broader project goals and existing architecture without missing any of the minor details required. We know the right questions and how to ask them to gain more clarity and insight from the options.

Bluewave is an advocate, advisor, and consultant throughout the technology lifecycle process. Not a service provider, not a sales company, and not a brokerage – we are much more than that. Working with Bluewave will allow improved visibility into services to know exactly what is there and what the costs are.

⦁   Reduce Costs Substantially

By using Bluewave throughout the technology lifecycle, BPOs reduce overspending, see cost reductions and optimization, have accurate budgets and optimal returns on investment, as well as alleviate the risk of service disruptions.

U.S. BPO companies are having to pay much higher wages than a few years ago. While wages are running rampant and recruiting is challenging, Bluewave can help BPOs keep other costs down so they can hire enough of the right people to support their clients.

Another budget challenge in technology and telecom services is billing. Bills are confusing and invoices are faulty. One transposed number and you’re over budget. Do teams have the time and staff to notice or identify billing errors? For over two decades, Bluewave has the hard-earned experience to help BPOs understand and analyze invoices, thereby highlighting billing errors and clarifying precisely what you’re paying for and why your business genuinely needs it. We have a Technology Expense Management (TEM) practice specializing in managing telecom expenses and bill pay for many clients.

Customer Quote

Bluewave offers powerful tools and reliable support which any complex network requires to function smoothly. We have engaged them to manage the entire telecom and network procurement process which involves management of multiple global carriers. Their support team is outstanding and always helps escalate and prioritize resolution with carriers. A trusted partner for more than a decade; they have extensive industry knowledge and the ease with which they execute complex agreements never ceases to amaze me.

iQor, BPO client testimonial


With the substantial growth in the BPO space and increasing demand for outsourcing, how will BPOs accomplish everything that needs to be done? By being faster, implementing flexible and more efficient technologies through cloud and AI, optimizing their expense management, and by hiring Bluewave to advise and architect the best solutions. While Bluewave has the capacity to act as a broker on your behalf, our capabilities and expertise go beyond what a traditional telecom broker can provide.

If you need help determining which approach fits your needs, let’s chat about how Bluewave can help. Ron Piemonte, VP of Sales for our BPO vertical, is here to help. Ron has been advising BPOs for 35 years and has strategic relationships with key international and domestic providers, as well as a holistic understanding of the BPO space and their technology dependencies.