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Bluewave Services: Strategic Sourcing, Operations Support


Bluewave was engaged to project manage the implementation and activation of the client’s MPLS network upgrade across 12 locations and negotiate better pricing.


The client had already begun working with another carrier and had obtained initial pricing and paperwork for the network. Unfortunately, the original orders with the carrier were submitted with an incorrect address.


The Bluewave provisioning team was engaged by the client to correct the submitted orders and obtain better contract pricing. 


Throughout the provisioning process, the Bluewave provisioning team was able to help save the client $15,246.65 in waived NRC (one time install charges) fees and negotiate a monthly savings of $1,000. This resulted in the successful install, activation, and implementation of our client’s new 12-site MPLS network within their project timeline as well as disconnection of their legacy network. Bluewave monitored the first monthly billing with the new carrier to confirm that new services were billing accurately based on their contract agreements, and ensured the network was running as planned. 


Other Case Studies

Case Study – Hospitality

Case Study – Hospitality

Award-winning hotel management firm based in St. Louis, Missouri, Midas Hospitality offers full-service hotel management for 16 brands and over 40 properties across the country.

Case Study – Retail

Case Study – Retail

We were approached by a multi-location John Deere Dealership that offers both new and used equipment for farming or ranching operational needs.


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