Bluewave Technology Group

Heavy Equipment Distribution Moves to SD-WAN and Fiber Internet

Rudd faced numerous challenges, including aging carrier equipment, chronic outages, and security...

Bluewave Technology Group

County Government Saves with Telecom Expense Management Solution

Large Pennsylvania County government with a high monthly telecom expense.

Bluewave Technology Group

Healthcare Provider Cleans Up Billing with Expense Management Solution

A prominent regional healthcare network comprising of 11 hospitals, multiple medical centers,...

Bluewave Technology Group

Large Hospitality Company Saves Money Using Telecom Expense Management

A large travel, hotel, and restaurant conglomerate with over 420 travel agencies,...

Bluewave Technology Group

Non-profit Reduced Wireless Expenses on 1,000 Mobile Devices

Bluewave was engaged to project manage the implementation and activation of the...

Bluewave Technology Group

Professional Services Firm Saves Costs on Internet, Fiber, and PRIs using Expense Management

A leading, award-winning professional firm offering engineering, architectural, planning, environmental, and construction...

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